Enhance Office Productivity with EKSAtelecom's Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones


As the world gradually returns to the office setting, many employees find themselves in need of reliable and efficient tools to maintain focus and productivity in a shared workspace. Among the most critical tools for this purpose are noise-canceling wireless headphones. This blog explores the significance of noise cancellation, wireless connectivity, and long-lasting battery life for office headphones while introducing two outstanding products from EKSAtelecom – the H6 and H16 noise-canceling headphones.

  EKSAtelecom® H16 Professional Bluetooth Wireless Headset with Dual Connectivity

The Power of Environmental Noise Cancellation

When navigating the bustling environment of a shared office space, it's essential to have headphones that can efficiently filter and eliminate distracting ambient noise. EKSAtelecom VoicePure ENC technology is the answer to this problem, as it has the capability to block out 99.8% of external noise. This enables users to enjoy crystal-clear audio quality and make voice calls without any disturbances from surrounding conversations or office noises.

Office environments can be filled with various types of noise, including chattering co-workers, ringing phones, humming computers, and the general buzz of activity. Such distractions can significantly impact an individual's ability to concentrate on tasks and negatively affect overall productivity. With EKSAtelecom's noise-canceling headphones, these distractions are kept at bay, allowing users to create their own personal sanctuary for work.

Embracing Wireless Freedom

Office hot-desking demands practicality, and dealing with cumbersome cables can be a hassle. EKSAtelecom's wireless headphones offer seamless wireless connectivity through Bluetooth and a USB-A dongle. The ability to connect two devices simultaneously provides added convenience, allowing users to effortlessly switch between their laptop and smartphone without the need for constant re-pairing.

The wireless functionality of EKSAtelecom's headphones not only enhances mobility but also reduces cable clutter around the workspace. Users can move freely around the office, attend meetings, or take short breaks without the need to disconnect their headphones. This uninterrupted connectivity ensures a seamless workflow, eliminating any connectivity-related interruptions that could hinder productivity.

Endurance with Impressive Battery Life

A key factor for any wireless device is battery life. The H6 and H16 headphones from EKSAtelecom excel in this department. The H6 model boasts an impressive 30 hours of call time at 70% volume and up to 55 hours of music playback, with a quick charging time of only 1.5 hours. Similarly, the H16 provides 35 hours of call time and 55 hours of music playback at 70% volume, with a slightly longer charge time of 2 hours. These extended battery life options ensure that users won't be constantly worrying about their headphones dying during the workday.

The long-lasting battery life of EKSAtelecom's headsets offers peace of mind to office workers who spend long hours at their desks. There's no need to constantly monitor the battery levels or carry charging cables around, reducing distractions and allowing users to stay focused on their tasks. The quick charging feature also ensures that even if the battery is running low, a short charging session can provide extended usage.

Comfort for Prolonged Usage

A critical aspect of any office headphone is its comfort level, especially during prolonged use. EKSAtelecom's headphones are designed with ergonomics in mind, featuring ultra-comfortable ear cups that fit snugly around the ears without causing discomfort. This design ensures a stress-free experience, allowing users to wear them for extended periods without experiencing fatigue.

The materials used in EKSAtelecom's headphone construction are carefully chosen to promote comfort while maintaining durability. The plush ear cushions not only provide a soft and pleasant feeling but also help create a passive noise-blocking effect, further enhancing the noise-canceling capabilities of the headphones. This attention to detail ensures that office workers can wear the headphones for extended periods without feeling any discomfort, making them an indispensable tool for productivity.

Comparing H6 and H16 Models

EKSAtelecom offers two exceptional noise-canceling wireless headphones, the H6 and H16, catering to different user preferences:

EKSAtelecom® H6 AI-Powered ENC Bluetooth Headset

a. EKSA H6: The Over-Ear Headset

The H6 model provides users with both EKSAtelecom's advanced ENC noise reduction technology and an additional layer of physical over-ear noise reduction. This combination results in an outstanding audio experience that effectively isolates the user from external noise. If you prioritize complete immersion and sound isolation, the H6 is the perfect choice.

The over-ear design of the H6 provides a cocoon-like experience, enveloping the ears in plush comfort while creating a physical barrier against office noise. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who need to focus intently on their work or who simply prefer the sensation of having their ears enclosed. Whether it's engaging in video conferences, listening to music, or diving into complex tasks, the H6 headphones deliver an unparalleled auditory experience.

  EKSAtelecom® H16 Professional Bluetooth Wireless Headset with Dual Connectivity

b. EKSA H16: The Compact On-Ear Solution

For those who prefer a more minimalist design and compact form factor, the H16 headphones offer a sleek on-ear design. Despite their small and exquisite appearance, these headphones pack a punch in terms of noise reduction and sound quality. The H16 is ideal for users who seek a balance between functionality, portability, and style.

The on-ear design of the H16 makes it a go-to choice for users who value portability and prefer not to have their ears fully covered. The compact size and lightweight build of the H16 make it easy to carry around, and its slim profile complements a professional appearance. Additionally, the on-ear design provides a comfortable fit while allowing users to stay aware of their surroundings to some extent – an advantage for office workers who occasionally need to interact with colleagues without taking off their headphones.


EKSAtelecom's commitment to providing superior office noise-canceling headphones is evident in their H6 and H16 models. With advanced noise reduction technology, seamless wireless connectivity, impressive battery life, and unparalleled comfort, these headphones are essential tools for any office worker. Whether you opt for the immersive over-ear experience of the H6 or the compact and stylish H16, EKSAtelecom has you covered.

With EKSAtelecom's noise-canceling wireless headphones, the distractions of the office environment fade away, leaving you free to concentrate on your work and boost productivity. Invest in your productivity today with EKSAtelecom's premium office headphones and experience the power of uninterrupted focus. The H6 and H16 models are a testament to EKSAtelecom's dedication to providing reliable and high-quality office audio solutions. Embrace the future of office productivity with EKSAtelecom's noise-canceling wireless headphones and unlock your true potential in the workplace.


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