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Introducing EKSAtelecom, a revolutionary brand born from the global labor shortage that affected skilled truck drivers during the 2020 epidemic. These hardworking individuals spent countless hours on the road, disconnected from their families due to harsh weather conditions and demanding schedules.

Fate intervened as a truck driver received news of his wife's early due date. Unable to make it home in time, panic set in. EKSAtelecom's groundbreaking VoicePure ENC technology came to the rescue, allowing him to communicate with crystal-clear voice, easing his wife's worries.

This powerful connection enabled the driver to hear his child's first cry, defying the limitations of distance. EKSAtelecom's mission is to enable meaningful connections, regardless of circumstances. Their innovation in ENC noise reduction and AI chip technology ensures unparalleled audio quality, while their devices prioritize comfort.

By embracing EKSAtelecom, individuals bridge the gap of physical separation, empowering them to be present for life's important moments, strengthening relationships and fostering heartfelt connections. With EKSAtelecom, distance is no longer a barrier—everyone's voice can be heard, anytime, anywhere.

EKSAtelecom's Evolution: A Timeline of Growth

Specializing in the gaming field


EKSA starts developing and offering gaming headsets, keyboards, mice, and other gaming peripherals.

Sub-brand specializing in the trucker and office field


EKSAtelecom focuses on developing communication headsets, catering to the needs of truckers and office workers.

Sustain stable growth; found the Dongguan R&D center; launch IPO plan

Expanding Horizons

Both EKSA and EKSAtelecom experience steady growth in their respective markets.

EKSA establishes a R&D center in Dongguan, China, to enhance product innovation and development.

The company announces plans to launch an IPO, indicating its intention to go public and offer shares to investors.


Infinite Exploration

Continues to explore boundless possibilities, building on its success in gaming and expanding into new markets.

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Be Heard Anywhere