EKSAtelecom is mainly focused on a clear communication system, which uses the VoicePure ENC technology to filter noisy surroundings but keep a clear human voice.  Our mission is to build a flexible and efficient communication system with clear audio.


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EKSAtelecom H12E Environmental Noise Cancelling Headset
  • EKSAtelecom VoicePure ENC

  • 160g Ultra-light & Comfortable Build

  • Adjustable Noise-Cancelling Mic

  • 2.1m Super Long Audio Cable

  • Compatible with All USB Devices

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Factory Scale

R&D Strengh

Quality Control

Brand Promotion


Omni-Channel Integration

Through e-commerce and offline channels, we aim to maximize our domestic presence and better serve the global market expannding across 17 countries and regions.

Offline Channels

We have worked with 185 parteners, 50% of which are in Europe and America, 40% in Asia Pacific and 10% in the US.

We have also worked with exclusive distributors around the world, mainly in the USA, UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Russia, Australia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Iran, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, etc.

We actively participate in various exhibitions to showcase our products and technologies, expand our distribution channels, increase sales and strengthen our brand.

Omni-Channel Promotion


Google, Advertising Alliance, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok

Forum Marketing

There are more than 10 cooperative game forums that post information about our products and services in words, images, videos, and more.
Official Social Media Operation
Official Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts have a total of 8.5k followers, including 4.6k followers on Facebook.

PR Media Coverage

We have worked with all mainstream technology media and gaming industry media in the United States to provide branded product evaluation reports and new product press releases. Resources are stored in 185 companies, with the United States accounting for 80%, including Germany, the United Kingdom, India, Japan, and other countries.

Affiliate Marketing

We have opened two alliance channels, ShareASale and GoAffPro, and have accumulated more than 3,000 partners.
EDM Marketing
We have accumulated 30,000 members, and send EDM emails every week to interact with our members.
Includes, but is not limited to, holiday brand activites, membership activites, new product promotion warm-up activities, product presales, user surveys, UGC content production, and more. The official EKSA website plans large-scale branding activities every month, while social media plans small-scale activities to interact with users on a regular basis.

KOL Influencers

We have worked with a total of 650 KOL influencers around the world, of which the United States accounts for 53.7%, and 200 influencers with more than 100,000 followers.

Deals Promotion

We have cooperated with 157 global resources, including 26 websites, 124 groups, and 7 deals influencers.
E-commerce Livestreaming
Our live broadcasting service is available on Amazon, AliExpress in Russia, and Tmall Taobao in China.


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