Top 8 Trucker Headsets Review in 2023: Ultimate Guide to Make the Right Choice

As a truck driver, finding the perfect headset is essential for staying connected while on the road. The right trucker headset should offer excellent sound quality, noise cancellation, comfort, and long-lasting battery life. In this article, we have reviewed the top 8 trucker headsets in 2023, including the much-awaited EKSAtelecomŽ H1 Bluetooth Wireless Trucker Headset. So, buckle up, and let's dive into the world of trucker headsets.

Bluetooth Trucker Headset H1

1. EKSAtelecomÂŽ H1 Bluetooth Wireless Trucker Headset

The EKSAtelecom H1 stands out as the best trucker Bluetooth headset on our list. Boasting an impressive 165-hour battery life, it ensures that you stay connected throughout your long hauls. The noise-cancellation feature ensures clear communication, while the comfortable design makes it easy to wear for hours on end.

Key Features:

  • 165-hour battery life, 24 hours of talk time, 57 hours of music time
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Advanced noise-cancellation technology
  • Comfortable design with adjustable headband

2. Jabra Evolve 65 MS Mono

The Jabra Evolve 65 MS Mono is a versatile trucker driver headset designed for both professional and personal use. With dual connectivity, you can easily switch between devices while on the go. The headset's passive noise-cancellation feature helps block out background noise, ensuring crystal-clear calls.

Key Features:

  • Dual connectivity (Bluetooth and USB)
  • Passive noise-cancellation
  • Up to 14 hours of battery life
  • Integrated busylight to signal availability

3. BlueParrott B450-XT

The BlueParrott B450-XT is a popular choice among truckers due to its industry-leading noise-cancellation technology, which can block out up to 96% of background noise. The customizable Parrott Button™ allows for easy access to your favorite features, making it one of the best trucker headsets available.

Key Features:

  • 96% noise-cancellation
  • 24 hours of talk time
  • Parrott Button™ for easy access to features
  • Rugged design with IP54 rating

4. Plantronics Voyager Legend

The Plantronics Voyager Legend is a lightweight and comfortable trucker headset designed for all-day use. Its Smart Sensor technology automatically answers calls when you put the headset on and redirects them to your phone when you take it off. With its reliable noise-cancellation and windscreen technology, it ensures clear calls even in challenging environments.

Key Features:

  • Smart Sensor technology
  • Noise-cancellation and windscreen technology
  • Up to 7 hours of talk time
  • Voice commands for hands-free operation

5. Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset

The Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Head set is an affordable option that doesn't skimp on performance. It features a noise-cancelling microphone, 12 hours of talk time, and a comfortable design. Its easy-to-use controls make it a user-friendly choice for truck drivers looking for a reliable trucker Bluetooth headset.

Key Features:

  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • 12 hours of talk time
  • Comfortable, adjustable headband
  • Easy-to-use controls

6. Sennheiser MB Pro 1

The Sennheiser MB Pro 1 is a premium trucker driver headset known for its exceptional audio quality and comfort. Its Room Experience technology provides a more natural listening experience, while the noise-cancelling microphone ensures clear communication. With up to 15 hours of talk time, it's perfect for long trips.

Key Features:

  • Room Experience technology
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • Up to 15 hours of talk time
  • Ultra-comfortable design

7. VXi BlueParrott B550-XT

The VXi BlueParrott B550-XT is a top-notch trucker headset with an impressive 96% noise-cancellation rate. Its VoiceControl™ feature allows for hands-free operation, while the 24-hour battery life ensures you stay connected throughout your journey. The durable design can withstand harsh conditions, making it an ideal choice for truck drivers. 

Key Features:

  • 96% noise-cancellation
  • VoiceControl™ for hands-free operation
  • 24-hour battery life
  • Durable, IP54-rated design

8. Logitech H570e

The Logitech H570e is a wired trucker headset that offers a perfect balance of affordability and performance. With its noise-cancelling microphone and in-line controls, it provides a hassle-free experience for truck drivers. The comfortable design, featuring leatherette ear cushions, ensures all-day comfort.

Key Features:

  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • In-line controls for easy adjustments
  • Comfortable design with leatherette ear cushions
  • Plug-and-play USB connectivity

Best Budget Truck Headset H1


In conclusion, these top 8 trucker headsets for 2023 cater to various needs and budgets, with the EKSAtelecomŽ H1 Bluetooth Wireless Trucker Headset taking the lead as the most versatile and feature-packed option. When choosing the best trucker headset for your needs, consider factors such as battery life, noise-cancellation, comfort, and connectivity options. 

Remember, a reliable and high-quality trucker headset can significantly enhance your on-the-road communication experience, ensuring that you stay connected with your loved ones and colleagues, no matter where your journey takes you.


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