What’s the Difference Between Business Headset and Gaming Headset?

Tired of looking through the market and not being able to find the best headset for business calls? Well, you might be looking in the wrong places! EKSAtelecom brings utmost convenience and sophisticated technology for communication within and outside a business.

Finding headsets for business is growing more challenging by the day, primarily because it’s not easy to differentiate between gaming and business headsets. According to the Statista Report, the growing population of gamers is forecasted to reach the 3.3 billion mark in 2024 worldwide.

Manufacturers have flooded the market for headsets and other electronic peripherals with gaming accessories using those insights. Although it’s a driver for video game businesses, it’s difficult for top-rated companies with links to gaming headset manufacturers.

EKSAtelecom is safe from such confusion because the brand stands out. We have created an image that aligns with our mission statement and aims to deliver a high-quality business phone headset range and wireless earpieces.

Headsets for Business: Why Opt for “Business”-Class Headsets?

What are business headsets, and how’re they different from gaming headsets? Well, gaming headset manufacturers find it difficult to achieve a perfect balance between comfort and high performance. In fact, it’s not even a priority in most cases because their usage varies significantly.

On the other hand, headsets for business undergo heavy use and traffic conditions and therefore require more considerations during manufacture. Business headsets contain more streamlined features to simplify multitasking for the workforce.

Business Headset vs. Gaming Headset: The War of Preference

Unlike gamers who sit back in their gaming chair, workers such as truck drivers can’t pick up calls or use mobile phones as easily. Hence, there’s a need for business-class headsets.

· Speech Fidelity and Narrow Frequency Bands

The narrowness of the frequency band allows business headsets to focus on speech, leading to clear communication. For instance, a business Bluetooth headset in a call center must have higher speech fidelity and a narrower frequency band to offer clarity to users.

Gaming headsets usually don’t offer as much clarity and clear-cut voice transfer as business headsets. That’s because a business wireless headset for truck drivers will focus on speech and suppress other frequency bands for clarity.

· Microphone Stability and Response Rate (Latency Ratios)

The latency ratios on top-quality headsets for business use are extremely low! Although the same goes for a few gaming headset ranges, business headsets feature more stable and durable, sturdy microphone designs that work great, even in heavy traffic.

The microphones in headsets for business focus on speech fidelity, making premium-quality microphones a must-have. Even though they’re vital, only a handful of companies, including EKSAtelecom, provide them in the market.

Professional traffic headsets don’t lose their stability very soon. Plus, prolonged use doesn’t reduce the microphone’s sensitivity, which isn’t the case with many gaming headsets on the market.

· Prolonged Use, Comfort, and Durability

Now, we come down to the main differences between gaming headsets and headsets for business. Headphones and earpieces in businesses have to be extremely durable. Let’s say you’re running a call center and employ a large group of representatives. Surely, wireless technology is a norm, and you must make it available.

Will it be better to choose a cheaper business wireless headset or a high-quality but slightly expensive one after knowing the cheaper ones don’t last as long? Well, a business phone headset from EKSAtelecom isn’t that expensive, and it’s surely built to last.

Prolonged use is a major characteristic of headsets for business. That’s because truck drivers and call center employees must have used them during the entire shift. So, they must be comfortable, durable, and lightweight if possible. These features aren’t widely available in the gaming headset market. In reality, a gaming headset might be heavier than a regular business Bluetooth headset.

How to Pick the Perfect Headsets for Your Business?

It’s definitely a challenge. There’s no argument that finding the perfect business wireless headset can be a major issue, especially for businesses that require it to continue safe operations, such as truck driving and call centers.

Sifting local markets is time-consuming and doesn’t guarantee a viable deal still. Conversely, you can opt for online searches and find EKSAtelecom in the highly saturated headset market. The company offers top-rated business headsets for call centers and truck drivers.

Here are a few top-reviewed and some of the best headsets for business by EKSAtelecom:

1. H1 Bluetooth Wireless Trucker Headset

EKSAtelecom H1 wireless Bluetooth trucker headset

There’s nothing better than delivering the highest degree of satisfaction to your customers when they call. What do you need to make sure you’re getting through to customers, and they can hear you crystal clear? A business wireless headset with ENC technology!

Environmental noise-canceling headphones work for call centers and truck drivers. They filter nearly 96% of noise and improve the clarity exponentially! Here’re some of the main pros of the H1 EKSAtelecom Bluetooth Wireless Trucker Headset that put it above any given gaming headset:

  • ENC-powered Mic
  • Dual Device Bluetooth Connection
  • 30M Wireless Range
  • Ergonomic Design for Prolonged Use
  • Durable Material
  • Long-Lasting Battery

2. H5 Bluetooth Computer Headset

A man is working in front of the window wearing a EKSAtelecom H5 headset

Never let your customers say “Sorry, didn’t get you there” again with the H5 EKSAtelecom Bluetooth Computer Headset! It eliminates over 99% ambient noise for crystal-clear audibility between your call center representatives and customers on the other line. A few features that make it the best headset for business calls include:

  • 5.0 Bluetooth
  • ENC-Powered AI Technology
  • 6 Minutes Quick-Charge
  • 25-Hour Battery Life
  • Lightweight and Ergonomic (75g)
  • Multi-Device Compatibility

3. H6 AI-Powered Bluetooth Headset with ENC

A long-haired woman is resting on the sofa wearing a comfortable EKSAtelecom H6

Even if the building down the block is under construction and your call center is feeling the shakes from heavy machinery, your employees can hear customers crystal clear! H6 EKSAtelecom H6 AI-Powered ENC Bluetooth Headset offers 96% background noise cancellation with a pitch-focused, voice-enhancing microphone.

  • Ergonomic Design (Long-Lasting Materials)
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Comprehensive Audio Controls
  • 120° Rotatable Mic
  • Seamless Bluetooth 5.0 Connection
  • Multi-Device Compatibility (Dual Connection Features)


Picking the best headset for business calls and other official purposes isn’t easy. But trust EKSAtelecom to provide the quality you’re looking for when searching for an affordable and high-quality business Bluetooth headset range. EKSAtelecom provides first-rate listening devices featuring modern properties, including low latency, instant response, seamless Bluetooth connections, and device compatibility.

All that comes with the amazing sense of comfort, so your employees and truck drivers don’t feel weary after putting our headphones on. Find more information about headsets for business with EKSAtelecom.


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