How to Choose a Right Wireless Headset for Business Calls

When COVID-19 hit - we all learned new ways of living and working from home. Needs were evaluated, expectations were reviewed, and we all made choices. Suddenly we had to create a balance in how we did things or took them for granted. So, for example, the workaholics among us found a lot of quality time to spend with their families.

People started going back to their hobbies, doing things they almost forgot were part of their lives, like music.

Be it just enjoying music, having long zoom chats with family and friends to stay connected, or running the world from a home office with just a laptop and a business headset.

We all shared almost identical needs, including a decent noise-canceling headset.

But Where To Start?

The main issue that almost all of us face is how to make the right choice.

I mean, if any of us type in the following search words in any search portal:

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We get overwhelmed with all the info on features, brands, USPs, and deals.

So instead of getting to make the right choice, we get bombarded with confusing info.

Keep in mind all the search and hassles to find the right or the best headphones for office calls or just another wireless business headset. Here are some basics of the best Bluetooth business headset.

The main issue that almost all of us face is how to make the right choice. So some of the basics to look for are:

What to look for in a good wireless headset?

Noise Cancellation Properties

There can never be enough emphasis on the necessity of clarity; therefore, any good manufacturer assures it.

Usually, an AI-powered noise cancellation system or an environment noise cancellation (ENC) can eliminate background noise anywhere between 90-96 percent.

Such options are available in a good Bluetooth business headset as active noise cancellation options or a built-in AI chip enhanced environment noise cancellation (ENC).

For precise and dependable voice pick-up, the user can easily communicate with the voice on the other side.

Microphone Performance

You'll want to look for a moldable rotating microphone for an ideal position. This function helps you adjust the microphone's angle to suit your voice clarity preferences on any of the best headsets for business calls.

Take use of its noise-canceling capabilities to receive the clarity you seek.

Usually, the best option is a flip-boom arm with precision placement.

EKSAtelecom H6 AI-Powered ENC Bluetooth Headset

Stable Connectivity

Now with life on the go and multi audiovisual peripherals syncing with each other.

The manufacturers have also upped their games to provide the best immersive experience, even for a wireless headset for a business phone.

But this also meant that any company selling its brand as the best business headset couldn't just sell itself on slogans.

They need to make sure their wireless syncing is stable for hours.

Wide Range Connection

We don't need but require stable connectivity overall.

You allow a free movement range between your headset and dongle in an approximate 32 feet/10 meters on a good wireless business headset.  

In most cases, noise-canceling headset signals have a distance of up to 96 feet.

The current Bluetooth specification is Bluetooth 5.0.

Therefore, your headset should comply with this standard for good range stability and connection.

Longstanding Battery Power

We need excellent battery life for great power in the best headphones for office calls.

It is an extra burden to be worried about losing battery while being on business calls.

Look for a 500mAh battery in your headphones.

At a full charge in 1.5 hours, this battery can last 30 hours of continuous phone conversations and 50+ hours of non-stop music.


We usually miss out on a vital aspect when shopping for the best wireless headset for business.

The aspect is that we will be wearing those headphones for an extended period. That means an extra burden on the ears and skin.

The best headset for business calls should have removable earmuffs for that extra comfort.

And the headband should be made of flexible but light material.

Easy Controls

Look for a Bluetooth business headset that provides you the ease of managing multiple options from the headphone itself.

Ease to manage volume, and other options like play, pause, hold, and mute shall never be overlooked.

Multilevel Connectivity Options

Usually, Bluetooth is the most common method of connecting a wireless headset for a business phone to a computer.

It's always better to look for a headset with multiple ways to connect to your computer.

You can recharge the headset battery while connected for seamless communication when on-call.

So, What To Buy As A Wireless Headset For A Business Phone?

Multiple brands in the market can get you the correct output, stating that they are the best headphones for office calls. But some of them miss out on one feature or the other.

One of the good options to go for is the EKSAtelecom H6 AI-Powered ENC Bluetooth Headset.

All-day wearability, wireless connection, and massive battery life are among our favorites of the H6, which also has a busy button, mute button, and Bluetooth dongle for easy setup.


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