Should You Buy a Single Ear or Dual Ear Headset?

You have to consider a plethora of factors to select a headset according to your preferences. But, the major factor that many users forget to consider is the environment they will be using the headset in. For instance, if you are working in an extremely loud environment, a double ear headset will work properly. These headsets contain large earmuffs to cover both ears. The ear muffs isolate the background noise so the user can hear in the trucker Bluetooth headset.

If you consistently talk with your co-workers while on the call with your supervisors, you need a single ear or monaural headset. These headsets contain only one ear cup so that the user can listen to their surroundings. Let’s understand both types of headsets.

Single Ear Headsets

Single ear headphones contain a microphone and one earpiece. People use these headsets for communication without disconnecting from their environment. Call agents and truck drivers use these headsets because they can’t completely disconnect from their surroundings.

The reason many truckers use single-ear headphones are that they have to communicate with the control center or supervisor for instructions. Also, they have to stay aware of their surroundings while driving. If they will use dual-ear headsets, they can’t hear other vehicles.

Meanwhile, the call center agent has to hear the customers on the phone and listen to the co-workers as well. Also, these headsets are lightweight with an ergonomic design so truckers and call agents can use them for long working hours.

Dual Ear Headsets

Dual ear headsets or binaural headsets contain a pair of headphones and a microphone. You should purchase these headsets when you want to disconnect from your surroundings. Many gamers use dual-ear headsets because they don’t want to get distracted by the background noise and lose the match.

The noise cancelling bluetooth headset contains a huge earpiece for both ears with sound isolation features. This means that when you will wear the headset, you won’t hear distracting noise in the room. Manufacturers design these headsets for gamers and music producers for an immersive sound experience.

How to Choose Between Single Ear or Dual Ear Headset?

Let’s keep things simple for you. People work in different types of environments. Some work from home, private office, or open office environment. The choice between a single ear and dual ear headset depends on your workplace.

For instance, if you work from home in a peaceful and quiet environment, it would be okay if you use a single ear Bluetooth headset. But, if your dog barks a lot and your child is awake crying outside your home office room, you will need a double ear headset. In the latter case, using a mono headset won’t disconnect you from the background noise while you are on an important business call.

Now let’s understand this with another example. You work in an open office arrangement where colleagues sit next to each other. In this type of environment, the noise level in the work environment is high. The loud noise can distract you from an important call with a customer. You might also lose the sale when you can’t listen to your customers. In this case, you need a dual ear headset so you can easily hear your customer and concentrate on the call.

Now from the above examples, it is clear that you need single-ear headphones in a quiet workplace, while a dual ear headset in loud surroundings.

The choice also depends on the users’ preferences. You need Bluetooth headset for left or right ear, if you are a person who likes to cover only a single ear. But, if you want to cover both ears to only hear the sound coming from the headset, opt for a dual-ear headset.

Best Headset for Single Ear: EKSAtelecom H1 Bluetooth Headset

EKSAtelecom H1 is a single ear Bluetooth headset with advanced features. These headsets are suitable for workers who want to stay on the call without cutting off from their surroundings.

For instance, a trucker has to listen to the horns of other vehicles to avoid accidents. They can’t disconnect from their surroundings. Also, they have to communicate with the supervisors and update them about the condition of the road. But, many states prevent truckers from using their phone while driving. In these types of conditions, truckers should use single ear headphones.

EKSAtelecom manufactures an H1 Bluetooth headset for truckers and other workers who want to buy single ear headphones. The headset offers comfort and high sound quality to the users. Here are some features of the EKSAtelecom H1 headset:

1. Environmental Noise Cancellation Mic

EKSAtelecom H1 headset contains an ENC microphone with an AI algorithm. The AI-based chips installed in the microphone filter the background noise. This means that the listener at the other end of the phone call won’t hear the ambient noise in the background.

However, an ordinary headset without an ENC mic collects and processes background noise as well. As a result, the listener can hear the background noise instead of the user’s voice. If you want to talk with your clients and supervisors on the phone without worrying about the distracting background noise, opt for EKSAtelecom H1 single ear Bluetooth headset.

2. Ultra-Long Wireless Connection

Truckers don’t sit in their driving seat throughout the day. They take breaks to stretch their backs and eat food. EKSAtelecom H1 headset offers an ultra-long wireless connection to the users. With these headsets, truckers can move more than 30 meters with freedom.

3. Long Battery Life

EKSA H1 Bluetooth headset has a 500mAh battery with long-lasting battery timing. The headset offers more than 30 hours of taking time. This means that you can use the headset without charging throughout the shift. Whether you are a trucker or a call agent, you can use the headset without keeping it on charging. Also, you can monitor the battery percentage with the battery indicator.

4. Dual Device Connection

Many people connect their headsets with multiple devices at a time. They want to stay connected with the updates on multiple mobile devices. With a dual device connection in the H1 headset, you can connect two devices with the headset. For instance, you can connect two mobile devices at a time to get in touch with the supervisor on one phone and the family on the other.

5. Comfortable Fit

EKSA H1 headset has an adjustable headband, rotatable bracket, and anti-slip pad. Large ear muffs can cover any ear size. Also, the comfortable earpiece won’t exert pressure on the head. That way user can concentrate on their tasks without a headache.

Best Headset for Dual Ear: EKSAtelecom H6 Bluetooth Headset

EKSAtelecom manufactures dual-ear headsets for noisy work environments. Here are some features of the EKSAtelecom H6 Bluetooth headset:

1. AI-Powered ENC Mic

EKSAtelecome H6 headset contains an AI-powered ENC microphone. This mic contains AI chips that filter the background noise from the input. As a result, the call recipient can listen to your clear and crystal sound. Many call center agents prefer this dual ear headset to block the sound of other agents in the room. This way potential client can hear only the agent and make informed decisions.

2. Sound Isolation

EKSAtelecom H6 contains a protein leather cushion that blocks the background sound. These cushions cover both the ears so the background ambient noise can’t reach the ears. Many call center agents prefer this headset because they want to disconnect from their surrounding environment. Also, agents can focus on the conversation they are having with the client.

3. Stable Bluetooth Connection

H6 headset has lower latency than other Bluetooth headsets. The strong and stable connection in offers high-quality sounds and promotes clear communication. Low latency connection means that the delay between the sounds reaching from the client’s microphone to your headset is minimal.

4. Multipoint Connection

EKSAtelecom H6 headset offers multipoint connection to users. This means that you can connect more than one device to the headset. While EKSAtelecom H1 allows you to connect two devices at a time, the H6 headset allows more than two devices as well. This means that you can connect one laptop and two mobile phones at a time.

5. Rotatable Microphone

The 110O rotatable boom microphone allows you more room for adjustment. You can rotate the microphone and set it at a perfect angle. When you are not on a phone call, you can move the microphone to a comfortable place.


The decision between a single ear and dual ear headset depends on your environment and preferences. However, from the above-mentioned post, you can choose the best headset whether a single or dual ear headset suits you. No matter what option suits you better, you can decide between EKSAtelecom H1 and H6 headset.


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