Can Truckers Wear Headphones? The Perfect Trucker Headset in the Market

Does driving a truck all day long get boring for you? Do you sometimes wish to listen to your favorite music? Unfortunately, the US driving regulations do not condone truck drivers wearing headsets. Even though some states of American make it entirely illegal to have one or both ears plugged in with earphones or over-ear headsets, several states allow drivers to go for monophonic trucker headsets. You will find a range of options when looking for the best wireless headset for truckers. However, you must not settle for any trucker headset of low quality. If you’re a truck driver on a regular basis, choosing poor-quality headphones can put your life, as well as the lives of others, at risk.

eksa h1 trucker headset

For that reason, we have set up a considerate checklist of parameters that you should check before opting for the best trucker bluetooth headset from the saturated audio products market. Finding the best trucker headset for regular truck drivers has become easy, with some of the best brands taking the stage. Consider opting for the EKSAtelecom H1 Wireless Trucker headset because this product offers all the right qualities without any hassle.

Top 3 Reasons to Get the Best Wireless Bluetooth Headset for Truck Drivers

First and foremost, when looking for a truck driver headset, best buy it from one of the most reputable and highly renowned brands online or offline. This is because a loyal and satisfied customer base with immense popularity is pure evidence that the brand offers all the desired qualities in its products.

Secondly, here’s a quick trivia for why a trucker might require a monophonic headset when driving across towns or cross-country. If you’re a trucker who works as a full-time truck driver, you may be familiar with some of the reasons below.

1. Less Danger than When Using the Phone

This fact needs no explanation because everyone, including you, already knows that using a phone while driving is very dangerous. More importantly, it puts your life at risk. In case you encounter a problem ahead on the road you’re traveling, using a phone in that situation might take away a huge chunk of your reaction time which could endanger you physically and financially in case of a truck crash or accident.

When you take a look at the EKSAtelecom H1 wireless Bluetooth headset, you will learn that it not only provides excellent sound quality for carefree use but also allows the user to stay comfortable due to its versatility and highly driver-centric design.

2. Instant Communication Needs

In case the operating headquarters have to send some alerting news such as intended route’s discrepancies or unpredictable weather conditions, there has to be a suitable mode of communication. Nearly all modern trucks are equipped with the best communication devices and transmitters, the truckers remain in danger when trying to pull down the held microphone above their head. For that, they require a headphone as good as EKSAtelecom’s H1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset. This brand offers an exceptional Bluetooth trucker headset with a microphone with extended battery life.

3. To Ignore Boredom While Driving

Driving for long hours can be troublesome, and if you’re a trucker, you may know this already. To solve your problem, there are various cheap trucker headset brands in the market. However, to ensure comfortable and convenient usage for hours, there are only a few versatile and adaptive headset brands, such as EKSAtelecom and its H1 Wireless Bluetooth headset. If you want to tune in to your favorite music when on a long drive in your truck, best buy the trucker headset from EKSAtelecom.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Top Trucker Bluetooth Headset

EKSAtelecom H1 trucker headset

When out on the search for the best bluetooth headset for truck drivers, here are some of the factors you should consider before making a final purchase. Remember, spending a small but required amount of time selecting a brand and model of a trucker headset can ensure safety, comfort, and long-term durable usage.

· Battery Life

This might be something trivial for those walking down the street, taking a stroll, or working out at the gym since such activities end within a couple of hours. However, truckers require extended usage and sometimes might even be out on the road for a couple of days. That’s why they should be able to rely on a truck driver headset that can offer a consistent sound quality without the need for frequent charging breaks.

Consider opting for EKSAtelecom H1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset, which offers nonstop playback time for over 50 hours! In addition, you don’t even have to charge this headset too often because, with a 5000mAh super-fast charging battery, this headset takes no more than 1.5-2 hours to charge fully. This trucker wireless headset offers an extended battery life of 165 hours, more or less, on standby.

· Noise Cancellation

As a truck driver, you will encounter various noises on the road. Most importantly, the sound of your surroundings such as construction, public, and landscape (forests, wildlife, etc.) can distort your sound experience. Make sure that you review the EKSAtelecom H1 Wireless Bluetooth headset. After all, it’s surprisingly the best bluetooth headset for truck drivers in the market because it features ENC. This is a major advancement in the market for audio playback devices because it cancels out a large chunk of noise coming from the environment.

· Comfortable Design

As a trucker who drives for long hours without stopping on the busiest days, you don’t want an irritated or swollen ear when you take off a hands-free bluetooth headset for truck drivers. Whether you need a Bluetooth tracker headset for your phone or SD card music playback, opting for the most convenient and comfortable headset is the way to go. You can’t just opt for any cheap trucker headset, as that means compromising on sound quality and wearing comfort. In fact, go for any of the best brands in the market today and find the best trucker headset for you.

· Lightness and Weight

Sometimes, the cheap trucker phone headsets will be the ones that are the heaviest. This is because the brands compensate the low price range for a heavyweight due to the lack of an advanced audio chipset, Bluetooth sound processor, and more. However, for a comfortable journey that takes 14-16 hours on any busy day, you can’t afford to use a heavy headset.

A heavy headset means that you can’t keep it on for long, you may have to keep taking it off, or worse, it might affect your ear due to excessive sweating. Opt for the EKSAtelecom H1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset if you’re looking for a lightweight and comfortable music–listening experience. This truck driver bluetooth headset weighs no more than 140 grams!

Why Should You Choose EKSAtelecom H1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset?

Now that you know the main reasons why truckers require a good wireless Bluetooth truck headset and what qualities actually make a good one, here’s a look at the best ones in the market. EKSAtelecom is a leading company among the numerous audio playback device manufacturing brands. The company has produced a range of excellent and super-quality headsets, headphones, and the latest Bluetooth Wireless GT1 earbuds.

You will find headsets and headphones for nearly all occasions or activities. However, why should you opt for EKSAtelecom H1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset as a trucker? Here are some of the most prominent qualities of that headset that make it a product worth your investment.

High-Quality Features of H1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

  • Bluetooth range of up to 30-50 meters
  • ENC (noise-cancellation)
  • Ultra-lightweight and comfortable design
  • 165 hours standby battery
  • Over 50 hours of music and 30 hours of phone call time
  • 270°microphone rotation
  • Wide compatibility
  • Mic mute function
  • Dual-device connectivity
  • Soft-ear pads

Above all that, this headset is one of the most pocket-friendly options in the market, with high sound quality. Note that the company EKSAtelecom offers excellent customer support in case of any shipping or technical issue. The device itself is one of the best in the entire range of headsets and headphones offered by EKSAtelecom under $50! This trucker headset is not only for truckers as the name gives the impression. It’s suitable for production workshop coordinators, call center personnel, and workshop constructors. So, feel free to contact customer support in case you have any queries or questions about the EKSAtelecom H1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset.


In a nutshell, the EKSAtelecom H1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset is one of a kind. While being extremely lightweight at only 140 grams, this headset is super-comfortable to wear for long hours, thanks to its carefully designed outer frame and internal component arrangement. The headset features an extensive Bluetooth range so you can leave the phone on your seat while you check for a flat tire on your journey. Besides, with over 50 hours of music and 30 hours of phone call time, what more could you require from this super-comfy and extremely pocket-friendly wireless Bluetooth trucker headset?


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