How You Can Listen to Music Using Wireless Headphones While Riding a Bike

Motorcycle enthusiasts love to ride their bikes on an open road. They feel freedom and a sense of control by riding peacefully in a secure environment. The fun doubles up when they connect their headphones with the mobile and enjoy their favorite playlist. This takes them to an epic adventurous world. But, many motorcycle riders are concerned about whether they are allowed to ride a bike wearing headphones, headsets, and earphones. Well, it depends on where you live.

Currently, the Federal government doesn’t impose any restriction on bike riders to wear headphones while riding. However, each state has different rules and regulations about bike riders riding a motorcycle while wearing headsets. If you love riding a motorcycle while wearing a headset, you should have single-ear headphones.

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Headset While Riding a Bike?

Various reasons suggest that bike riders should not use wireless headphones while riding their bike.
When you listen to podcasts, music, and audiotape on the bike, you cannot completely focus on the road. For instance, you wouldn’t be able to hear ambulances and police sirens and listen to mechanical issues with the bike. Especially when you have high-tech noise cancelling headphones, you won’t be able to hear any noise since this feature eliminates 96% of background noise.

Furthermore, when you have complete concentration on the song you are listening to, your ability to react in case of a dangerous situation will be adversely affected. In this case, you might get too close to other dangerous vehicles such as trucks or fast-moving cars.

Lastly, when you have an accident while wearing Bluetooth headphones, the insurance company won’t accept your claim. They will use it as an excuse. Moreover, you will find it hard to defend your case against lawyers and judges. Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, the court will blame you. Also, the court will declare you a negligent rider.

Is it Completely Illegal to Wear Headphones While Riding?

No, Vehicle Traffic Law in the United States doesn’t impose complete restrictions on using headphones. This means that you can still listen to music while riding. Let’s understand this case. When you wear headphones on both ears, you won’t be able to listen to your surroundings causing accidents. However, wearing one earphone connected with your phone keeps you connected with the streets and keeps you entertained.

Keep in mind, driving while wearing noise-canceling headphones won’t get your license confiscated. Instead, the law will fine you with a maximum of $150 and almost 30 days in jail. Now you may wonder how you can enjoy the music while riding the bike and how I can purchase earphones.

The best solution is to purchase the EKSA H1 Bluetooth headset. The best noise canceling headphones have one earpiece that helps you connect with the road while you are riding the bike. Furthermore, you can reduce the risk of accidents you will be able to listen to other vehicles.

How EKSA H1 Bluetooth Headphones Help Bike Riders Avoid Traffic Violation?

Most states allow bicyclists and riders to wear one earphone because it isn’t dangerous as wearing both headsets. Having both headsets is against the law in different states such as California, New York, and Arizona.

Features of EKSA H1 Bluetooth Headset

A single earbud makes EKSA H1 the best wireless headphones unique and suitable to use while riding. However, the features of the best single-ear wireless headphone are not limited to one earpiece. But, this headset offers a wide range of features such as noise cancellation, sound isolation, and ultra comfort. Let’s review each EKSA H1 headset feature:

1. Environmental Noise Cancelling Technology

EKSA H1 Bluetooth iPhone headphones filter background noise so you can communicate on the phone without distraction. There is a noise cancellation chip that detects the right sound source and eliminates another unwanted sound. When your voice enters the microphone, the algorithm processes the sound and removes ambient sound. As a result, the generated output is clear.

2. Wide Compatibility

You can connect the over-ear wireless headphones with your device through a Bluetooth connection. The headset is compatible with any device that has Bluetooth connectivity. This means that you can connect your headsets with a mobile device, Xbox, and even your computer. Make sure that the device you connect your device with, has Bluetooth connectivity.

3. Adjustable Microphones

EKSA wireless Bluetooth headphones H1 have an adjustable microphone. This gives you the freedom to adjust the mic depending on your comfort. Furthermore, you can also remove the microphone if you don’t use your headsets for calls.

4. Ultra-Light and Comfort

EKSA headset H1 has an ultra-light body that makes it a comfortable option. These best over-ear wireless headphones aren’t bulky, enabling you to move your head freely. When you use the bulky headset while riding the bike, it might affect your neck and back muscles. Furthermore, the EKSA H1 headset has an adjustable headband that you can tweak according to your comfort. The ear cushions are soft and removable to reduce pressure on your ears. You can also replace earmuffs if they wear out with time. This feature increases the longevity of the headsets.

5. Controls

EKSA H1 wireless noise-canceling headphones are designed to give your comfort while riding. Therefore, the manufacturer included a set of control on the earmuff. You can control volume and mute your microphone without taking out your phone. Also, you can receive and hang the call with a single click button.


You can wear EKSA H1 Bluetooth headsets while riding a bike in any state since it has one ear bud. Many state governments restrict their residents from wearing wireless Bluetooth headphones while riding due to safety reasons. But, since EKSA H1 headphones have one bud, bike enthusiasts can enjoy the ride while listening to music. EKSA H1 is a multi-functional headset with various features such as a noise cancellation algorithm, comfortable controls, and an adjustable microphone.


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