Is EKSAtelecom H1 the Best Trucker Headset in the Market?

Why EKSAtelecom?

 EKSAtelecom is a company that is focused on manufacturing clear communication systems. Their gadgets are equipped with ENC technology that helps filter surrounding noises and maintain human voice clarity.  EKSAtelecom noise-cancelling headset was designed for perfect hands-free communication. It is vastly used in workplace environments, such as manufacturing plants, customer call centers, warehouses, etc.  EKSAtelecom H1trucker headset is, without a doubt, the best truck driver headset.

After conducting series of truckers headset reviews with other competitors product, the new  EKSAtelecom H1 trucker headset posses to be a top trucker Bluetooth headset. It features the 5.0 Bluetooth technology, which means users can maintain a stable Bluetooth connection from about 50 meters (99ft). Here are reasons why the  EKSAtelecom H1 trucker headset is, without a doubt, the best trucker headset.


Unlike its competitors in the headset market today,  EKSAtelecom H1 trucker headset is arguably the best hands-free Bluetooth headset for truck drivers and some unique, engaging work occupations. It comes with a well-structured Bluetooth trucker headset with a microphone that allows effective communication while making calls.  EKSAtelecom H1 trucker headset was ultimately designed for user comfort.

Bluetooth pairing

The ¬†EKSAtelecom¬†H1trucker headset¬†was designed with Bluetooth version 5.0, which makes connection faster and allows wider range coverage. Connecting to devices has never been easier. What is required to connect the headset to a device is to turn the headset on. Then a red and blue indicator starts to flash to indicate that the headset is pairing. To pair it with a device, you will need to turn on the device‚Äôs Bluetooth and select ‚Äú¬†EKSA¬†H1.‚ÄĚ If the pairing is successful, the headset indicator will slowly flash in blue light. A voice prompt will say, ‚Äúyour headset set is connected.‚ÄĚ

The most amazing thing about its connection is its range. You can connect your device to the headset within a range of about 1M. After connection, the headset allows up to 99feet of stable Bluetooth connection without cracks or breaking transmission. When you turn the Bluetooth on, it automatically connects to the last device it was connected to. Are you looking for the best hands free Bluetooth headset for truck drivers? Then get yourself the  EKSAtelecom trucker headset H1. Its high range and automatic connection make it one of the best trucker wireless headsets, as the truck driver will not need to take the risk or waste time connecting his device to the headset while driving. 

Dual pairing

The  EKSAtelecom H1 trucker headset can be connected to two devices at the same time. This could be achieved by first connecting the headset to device A, then turning device A's Bluetooth off. The headset will go back to pairing mode, afterwards connect it to device B to the headset. Turn on device A to allow the two devices to connect simultaneously. 


One of the most amazing things about  EKSAtelecom H1 trucker headset  is its battery longevity. It is equipped with a 500Mah battery capacity that last approximately 57 hours of music time and 30 hours taking time when used at 70% volume.  EKSAtelecom H1trucker headset takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to full charge. It is advisable to keep the charging voltage within 5V. 

The fast charging and longevity of the headset make it the best truck driver headset. The truck driver will not be worried about charging or losing transmission for hours. 

 Call functions

EKSAtelecom H1 trucker headset is one of the top trucker Bluetooth headsets, if not the smartest wireless headset. It comes with s friendly setting that allows various call functions without truck drivers holding or operating their phones to pick or switch calls. The call function was designed to reduce risk and focus while working, it is indeed a trucker phone headset. 

Like most headsets, the ¬†EKSAtelecom¬†H1 trucker headset¬†comes with a call function button. What is most interesting about this particular headset is its 3-in-1 call function option. If a call comes in while driving, what you need to do to pick the call is to tap the call button on the headset to pick the incoming call. If you are already on a call and another call comes in, all you need to do is click the call function button twice to activate the ‚Äúthree-way call mode‚ÄĚ and put the previous call on hold while you attend to the new caller.

You can easily switch between the two callers by just double-tapping the button. Where you are on a call and have a new caller, all you need to do to cancel the old call to pick the new call is to press the call function button for 2 seconds. 

To redial the last call number, you can easily double click the call button. Interestingly, you can also switch the audio device by tapping the call function button for 2 seconds during a call. 

 Other Features

The  EKSAtelecom H1 trucker headset comes with some other notable amazing features to keep it ahead of most competitors and make it a good Bluetooth headset for truck drivers, such as;

AI ENC microphone: The AI ENC microphone supports the noise cancellation function on the headset. It helps to distinguish background noise from human speech. 

Type-C charging port: The new Type-C charging port does not only reduce the risk of damaging your charging port but also facilitates fast charging by allowing double the energy transmission of USB 3. 

Microphone Mute Button: it allows the truck driver to mute the mic during a call. 

Volume button:¬†The volume button serves the regular increase and reduce volume function and allows users to change music through the headset. You can click the + and ‚Äď button and press for 2 seconds to go back and forth on your playlist.¬†

Multi-function Button: there are three multi-function Button on the  EKSAtelecom H1 trucker headset, which are

  • Turn on and off button:press for 3 seconds to on or off device
  • Pause and play: one time click to pause or play an audio
  • Voice assistant:triple-click to give a voice command to your mobile voice assistant.¬†


Price and Packing list

Are you out for a cheap trucker headset? Then  EKSAtelecom H1 trucker headset is your best bet. This amazing truck driver headset goes for as cheap as $44.99. Considering its function, it is certainly worth every Penny. 

The  EKSAtelecom H1 trucker headset comes in a box stocked with; 

  • EKSAtelecom¬†H1 trucker headset
  • Carry pouch
  • Charging Cable and
  • User manual

If you are looking for the best wireless headset for truck drivers to blend perfectly with their line of work, the  EKSAtelecom H1 trucker headset is certainly the best option for them. The trucker headset is easy to operate, has a good battery life and allows multiple functions without operating your devices, thereby taking the risk of unnecessary occupational hazards. 


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