Can Truck Drivers Talk on Cell Phones?

After truckers receive a commercial driver’s license, they have to abide by federal rules and regulations. If you are a trucker you would know how U.S. Government takes safety seriously for truckers as well as other citizens. Therefore, they introduced a compliance system to make sure each trucker holds higher standards than other drivers do. Keep in mind, truck drivers are at high risk of getting into an accident. Therefore, the federal government has strict rules and regulations to ensure everyone remains safe.

Since truck drivers operate heavy vehicles, they could lose their control in some cases. For instance, when truck drivers use their phone while driving, they can collide with other vehicles or objects. Although other drivers should also avoid using their phones while they drive, truck drivers should make additional efforts to abide by federal law. According to the law, truck drivers shouldn’t use handheld devices such as a smart phone for any purpose while driving. The only condition where they can use their phones is through a trucker headset.

In this piece, we’ll discuss why a truck driver should use their phone while driving? What does the law say about it and what is the alternative for using handheld phones?


Federal Law about Handheld Phones

According to a study conducted by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, CDL drivers are at higher risk of getting into crashes. The major reason for the crash recorded by the agency is using handheld mobile phones. After releasing the report, FMSCA regulated the trucking industry to reduce critical risks and improve drivers' safety. Therefore, they outlawed truckers to use handheld mobile phones while driving their vehicle. Considering the research, the federal government introduced a law that includes the following pointers:

  • Drivers can’t even use one hand to pick or place a phone call
  • Drivers can’t press more than one button while dialing a phone
  • They cannot leave their seat to reach the phone

Increasing cases of truck accidents made the U.S. government realize the extreme dangers truckers can find themselves in when using their phones. Imagine a loaded semi-truck weighing more than 80,000 pounds crash on a highway. The results would be devastating and cause property damage, catastrophic injuries, and even death.

Therefore, truck drivers must use a trucker bluetooth headset such as EKSAtelecom H1 Bluetooth headsets. Best truck driver headset allows truckers to connect with their fleet management team without using the phone. Truckers can receive and call their team leads and managers with buttons located on the earmuff.


Penalties Upon Using Handheld Phone While Driving

When authorities find truckers using a cellphone in dangerous conditions, they will penalize them according to federal laws and regulations:

  • Offenders have to pay a fine of up to $2,750
  • Upon multiple offenses, regulators might suspend CDL
  • The trucking company will pay up to $11,000 for not restricting their truckers to abide by the law.


Things a Trucker Should Avoid While Driving

While texting and dialing a number on their handheld phone, a trucker poses multiple threats to the public. Some types of distractions are:

  • Visual distraction: When a driver moves their eyes away from the road
  • Cognitive distraction: When a driver’s mind isn’t on the road.
  • Manual distraction: When a driver moves their hands from the steering wheel


A driver is at a high threat in all the above conditions and could collide. When they lose control over the vehicle, they might find it hard to regain all their senses back on the road. That’s why U.S. federal government prevent truckers from driving their truck while using their handheld phone. Here are a few actions that truckers shouldn’t perform while driving:

  • Dialing a phone number
  • Typing and reading texts
  • Using instant message service
  • Browsing on social media sites
  • Pressing more than one button


Many drivers think that they have can multitask. That’s why the federal government bound truckers from using phones by law. Keep in mind that it is impossible to focus on the road while using the phone. Therefore, if you want to stay safe and secure, then you must steer clear from actions that result in fatal consequences. But, you may be wondering how you can communicate with your fleet management team and family members. The simple solution to this problem is using a trucker headset.


How EKSAtelecom H1 Trucker Headset Can Save Truckers?

The EKSAtelecom H1 truck driver headset includes Bluetooth connectivity specifically designed for truck drivers. Trucker phone headsets have 30M long wireless technology with environmental noise cancellation algorithm. What’s more, the ENC microphone technology detects the driver’s exact position and eliminates every other ambient noise, ensuring fleet management teams can easily hear your voice. This trucker headset for iphone and Android enables drivers to connect with their team throughout the day.

This hands free bluetooth headset for truck drivers is ultra-lightweight with soft ear pads and adjustable headbands for all-day comfort. Furthermore, you can connect two devices to communicate with your family and management teams on different networks. These headsets have easy to operate buttons to receive, and mute calls, giving complete control to the driver. As a result, they don’t have to move their eyes from the road or pick up their cellphone.



EKSAtelecom  H1 trucker headset enables truck drivers to comply with the federal rules and regulations about using handheld phones while driving. Hopefully, this article helped you understand the importance of using a trucker wireless headset. If you want to stay safe and reduce the risks of accidents, you should immediately purchase a wireless headset for truck drivers and reach your destination safely.


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