The Best Headsets for Working From Home in 2022

By getting the best headset for working from home, you can stay productive throughout the day. Whether for music, staying connected with the office, or telecommunicating with customers, working from home will never be boring or make you feel less like at work.

If you're looking for affordable headsets proven in quality by thousands of home office workers, EKSAtelecom has some of the best value for money headsets in its lineup. We've selected the two best headsets for working from home that are designed by EKSAtelecom. Next, we will review them to see how they hold up during use in terms of comfort. We'll also see what their key features and audio quality are like.

Review of the Best Work From Home Headset

Here is a list and in-depth reviews of the best headsets for working from home. They're particularly affordable, and the audio technologies are top class!

The Best Noise-Canceling Headset for Work: EKSA H6 

Key features
  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headset
  • Built-in Qualcomm chip
  • 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz driver frequency
  • AI noise cancellation mic
  • Over-ear headphones
  • Omnidirectional mic directivity
  • Battery ensures up to 55-hour music time

The H6 AI-Powered ENC Bluetooth Headset is one of the best headphones for your home office, call centres, Zoom calls, for salespersons, or customer support reps.

One of the key features of the Bluetooth headphones set is that it features a big 500 milliamp-hour battery. This gives you 55 hours of music and 30 hours of phone conversations. When you're ready to charge it, the headset charging point is USB-C. It takes you one and a half hours for a full charge from zero.

This is a wireless office headset. So, it is possible to connect them to your smartphone, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

The headset comes in a box with a lot of accessories, including a carrying pouch.

EKSAtelecom H6 AI-Powered ENC Bluetooth Headset

The wearing comfort

Weighing just 141 grams, the headphones are ultralight. They have large removable earmuffs that provide comfort to the ears for long listening hours.  Also, the headband is adjustable and will fit any head size.

You can adjust the microphone up to 110 degrees and get it to the right place that's most convenient for you. Then there's a mute button on the side and the typical EKSAtelecom three-button multi-function control at the lower side of the earpiece.

Also, the headphone has Bluetooth 5.0 inside, which is fantastic. That gives you up to 30 feet of connectivity so you can walk around while you're on the phone.

It's a multi-point headset that allows you to simultaneously connect and pair it to two devices. You can then switch between them depending on which one sends an actual audio signal to the headphones.

As we mentioned, the headphone has a 110-degree rotatable microphone, and it's super easy to work with the headset and microphone as they are super light. So you will feel comfortable wearing these for long periods.

They are loose and don't have heavy clamping, which you've probably found on some other headphones. If you spend a lot of time on the phone, you want to sound good and be super comfortable, and this is why it's our overall best wireless headset for work from home. It's perfect for Skype, video conferencing, call centers, webinars, online courses, telemarketing, and more.  

The audio quality

The EKSA H6 has good sound quality as it features a pair of 40-millimeter drivers. The headset has a frequency range of 20 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz.

The AI is much more about the microphone part. The attached microphone has 100 Hertz to 10,000 Hertz at 114 decibels of sensitivity. You're not getting quite the full spectrum of sound here. But the frequency is wider with the headphones. The mic cuts up to 96 percent of background noise, and it's also adjustable.

The microphone, however, would be great for singing. But it's not designed for that. This is designed for long Zoom calls, Microsoft Teams calls, phone calls, and representatives in call centers who have to answer customer service queries.


The device is currently sold for a price close to $100 on the market, but on the EKSAtelecoms website, it's currently discounted to less than $60 as of the time of writing this review.

It's, however, important to note that the headset is sold for a reasonable price even without the discount.

If you're looking for a noise-canceling headset that is affordable and has been tried and tested by many users, you should try out these headphones.

Best Budget Headset: EKSA H12E

Key features
  • 40mm driver unit
  • Full padded earmuffs
  • Adjustable headband and mic boom
  • Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) mic
  • Uni-directional mic orientation
  • 1-meter cable

The EKSA H12E is a professional noise-canceling headset that you can use for VOIP calls. When you work from home, you need to be on calls with clients. This is the headset for that!

The headset is a high-quality professional noise-canceling headset with a microphone, allowing you to enjoy smooth, efficient, and uninterrupted calls. It's a plug and play headphone that is widely compatible.

EKSAtelecom H12E Environmental Noise Cancelling Headset

Wearing comfort

It's a binaural headphone set that cups over both ears. The microphone is adjustable, and you can slide it down. It also has a flexible wand for adjusting according to the size of your head.

The device has a little control box right on the headset as well as a mute mic switch. However, the mute switch button is a little hard to reach. It could be designed to be easier to turn on and off.

The ear cups are small, but they're comfortable. They go over the ear, and they rest on top of them. The EKSA H12E weighs only 103 grams, plus the padded ear cups ensure long-lasting comfort during long calls, and its adjustable padded headband ensures a comfortable fit with different head shapes.

With weighing just 160 grams, the headphones are quite lightweight and have a comfortable wearing experience.

Audio quality

The microphone sounds pretty good. Overall, it's ideal for VOIP calls and for calling clients while working from home. Or it's even good for streaming or doing a live recording.

The noise cancellation technology in the headset works. This new noise-canceling headset uses chip processing to reduce most ambient noise and make calls clearer! According to EKSAtelecom, it suppresses up to 96% of noise!

It has a 40mm high-fidelity neodymium-iron-boron magnet driver unit on the left and right, providing clear audio. This makes it the perfect choice for Skype, video conferencing, call centers, webinars, online courses, telemarketing, etc.

The EKSAtelecom H12E is a USB wired PC equipped with a 120-degree adjustable microphone that can professionally reduce noise, volume control, and mute functions.

The microphone is uni-directional. It is equipped with high-level noise reduction technology. And it is a 120° adjustable high-sensitivity cardioid microphone, which picks up mainly the sound from the front, side, and rear.

However, roughly speaking, the sensitivity to 90-degree side sound is about 6dB (decibel) lower than that of the front, and it is theoretically insensitive to sound from the rear.

Based on this uni-directional characteristic, the cardioid directional microphone can easily distinguish the direct sound from the front direction and the non-directional reverberation from all directions.

The Environmental Noise Cancelling artificial intelligence-powered algorithm ensures your communication is always crystal clear, even when you are in transit or a noisy environment.  

The multifunctional H12E headset is perfect for Skype chat, call center, office conference calls, online teaching, webinar, webcasting, Google voice search, etc.


Finally, talking about price, if you think the EKSA H6 was inexpensive, then the H12E is even more affordable. It's widely available at a discounted price of less than $30. You could even buy it for less than $15 if you're purchasing it in bulk, making it one of the most affordable headphones on the market.  

The headset has outstanding value for money and comes plug and play. There is no need to install any driver software. With a microphone and a 2-meter long cable, the H12E can be worn more flexibly. It is also widely compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.  


As you can see, the EKSA H6 and H12E are the ideal headphones with microphones for anyone who works at home. They can all be used in the office by customer care reps because of their active noise cancellation features. These devices are ideal for Skyping, video conferencing, webinars, online courses, and telemarketing from home. Our overall best headset for work-at-home professionals would be the EKSA H6. But the EKSA H12E might interest those who want a budget headset equipped with a noise-canceling microphone.


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