The Best Office Headsets for PC: Optimum Performance

Every office environment needs an efficient and optimal working office headset. Employees in the HR and customer service department are more aware of the importance of an office headset. As the recent technological advancement progresses, so does the office environment.

The new and up-to-date office headset goes through many improvements to heighten user comfort. Users can spend hours on the phone without disturbances and glitches.

There are various considerations to note in obtaining the best office headset. Some of these points are connectivity, model, and specifications, to mention a few.

These two wireless office headsets are now a household name or rather an official name in telecommunications—the EKSAtelecom H6 AI-powered ENC Bluetooth Headset.

This article will highlight the features and specifications of these gadgets. Keep reading for more insights.

EKSAtelecom H6 AI-Powered ENC Bluetooth Headset

If you're looking for comfort and hi-tech features for a noisy office, the EKSAtelecom H6 is for you! Over the years, it has proven to be the best headset for noisy offices.

If there's anything humans love, it is comfort. A whole lot of it! The wireless headset for office phone calls is one of the most portable yet reliable and convenient headsets.

EKSAtelecom H6 AI-Powered ENC Bluetooth Headset

It identifies user voice controls and blocks out any destructive noise waves. It removes any debris in voice transmissions and creates a clearer and smoother path. The number of noise filters ranges up to 99%.

The noise cancellation feature is highly recommendable due to the built-in AI ENC (Electronic Noise Cancellation) chip. The chip is responsible for voice identification and noise filtration.

It picks out the human voice from the disturbing noise. After identifying the noise, it generates an out-of-phase noise which automatically cancels the existing background noise. Whether it's a colleague in the customer care department, all noises are suppressed.

You can record your voice while in the background without interruptions. No matter the frequency of the noise, it doesn't stand a chance with the EKSAtelecom H6. There is no need to fret if you are on an urgent office call, and the H6 is the best headphones for office calls.

There's a reason it’s an office favorite. Asides from the impeccable noise cancellation, it provides users with simultaneous connection flexibility. 

It simply means users can easily connect their headphones to a PC and another blue tooth device simultaneously! Talk about non-stop seamless communication.

Another component of the EKSAtelecom H6 office phone headset is its portable over-the-head design. 

With a 7.87 x 7.87 x 2.56 inches dimension, users never have to go through weight inconvenience. Its lightweight doesn't get noticed. It's light as a feather. 

The large and spongy earmuffs encapsulating the headphones provide maximum comfort to the ears. The headband is one size fits due to its adjustable feature.

The 110-degree flexible microphone aids easy positioning. If you struggle with obtaining the correct position for either of your ears, a title does the trick.

The ear cups are lightweight and soft to touch. It is made from a breathable faux material. 

The H6 office headsets have easy control buttons on the sides of each ear cup. The built-in manually controlled busy light indicates user preferences. The red light denotes the “do not disturb” feature. It automatically declines any incoming call without disrupting any ongoing call—the perfect contact center headset.

Users can enjoy work hours with the 10 meters audio connection. You can walk around the office while taking the call. The completion doesn't break or run into delays.

Last but not least is the battery life. When it comes to office calls, you never know how long interaction can last. This is why the H6 is the best office headset offering 30 hours of talk time. The 500 MAh battery takes less than two hours to charge to capacity.


Below are vital points to consider when buying an office headset;

  • Wired Vs. Wireless

The pending debate to date is whether an office headset needs a wire or not. It depends on the future buyer's preferences. However, both do serve their purposes.

In an office environment where multi-tasking is normal, you'd need a fast and efficient headset that allows you to work on other projects. A wireless headset is imperative for those users who walk around frequently.

Whereas a wired headset has a few limitations. One of them is majorly movement restrictions. However, a wired headset offers users the flexibility of easy controls and domination by users.

To use a wireless office headset efficiently, users must stay within the range. The range most times doesn't exceed 50 meters from the base.

Both features are great. It all depends on user needs.

  • Noise Canceling Microphones

With the latest trends in technology, the noise canceling feature has to be the best so far. Whether you are or how noisy your deskmate is, you can safely take office calls.

The best contact center headsets always have a built-in AI noise-canceling microphone. It eliminates external noises and gives users voice autonomy over any background noise.

The noise-canceling microphones have recent auditory defects and early-onset deafness. The user’s voice becomes dominant. It is important for workers in call centers because they are on the phone 99% of their day. It was a significant problem among contact center workers.

The frequency of sound waves is too high for the human auditory canal. The noise cancellation feature absorbs such frequency, including background noises. Afterward, it produces a clean and clear sound.

An AI noise-canceling headset provides users with seamless communication and prevents glitches and varying frequencies. 

  • Monaural Vs. Binaural

It isn't a deciding factor for most office headsets because it depends on the user’s choice. A single headset(monaural) allows users to make calls and still focus on other external parties. For example, answering a call and helping a colleague with a task. These users are aware of their external environment. 

Users do not hear any external noise except the other call at the receiving end. On the other hand, a binaural headset prevents an interruption during any call. It is the best option, especially in a noisy environment.

  • Quality and Durability

The best headphone for office use comes with a warranty period. The minimum warranty is one year. The best headphones usually have a three years warranty period. The difference is that hi-tech products offer high-quality features. The cheaper alternatives may not cover a full-term warranty. Users are responsible for whatever failure or fault in the headset.


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