Why Do Truck Drivers Need Trucker Headsets?

Truck driving is a difficult job and requires constant attention. Drivers sit in the same place without moving for hours as they have to reach their destination. This gets tougher when they are on a long route. However, you may notice that many truck drivers wear trucker bluetooth headsets while they are en route. So, why do they always wear that truck driver headset?

Truck drivers spend most of their time on the road. They don’t have 9 to 5 office hours where they can have fun with their colleagues and talk with friends and family on the phone. Instead, truck drivers have to eliminate distractions from their surroundings and focus on the road. Therefore, they cannot access their phone and receive calls. They are responsible for million-dollar cargo on difficult terrain, which is why they always wear trucker headsets such as EKSAtelecom H1 to communicate with their team.

Every professional working in the trucking industry learns from experience. They cannot afford to take risks in their journey. In fact, they have to analyze and mitigate the risks of their route and get the job done before the deadline. Therefore, they carefully choose the trucker bluetooth headset perfect for their job. Keep in mind that a truck driver requires a specific truck driver headset that aligns with their tasks. Ordinary headsets won’t be helpful and sometimes distracting, putting the driver and the fleet in a critical situation.

This trucker headset review will discuss why a truck driver requires trucker headsets and what would be the best trucker headset a driver should consider. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

What is a Trucker Headset?

Trucker headset for iPhones and other devices is specially designed to offer a convenient and safe traveling experience. Truckers connect their headsets with their smartphones and communicate with their fleet manager and team. Furthermore, they can talk with their friends and family in case of emergency. Also, fleet teams can direct drivers in the right direction if they lose their way.


Why Do Truck Drivers Need Trucker Headsets?

Here are some benefits and reasons why drivers should use trucker headsets:

1. Constant Communication With Their Superiors

A trucker headset enables truck drivers to communicate with their team members and receive route updates. Furthermore, drivers can seek help from their supervisors. Constant communication is the main reason why managers ask their drivers to wear these headsets. Fleet management maintains vehicles’ records and evaluates the lifecycle. Also, trucker headsets enable managers to enhance their driver’s performance and boost productivity. Teams use these headsets to reduce the risks and dangers of the route.

Trucker headset helps managers keep their drivers accountable as well. This way, managers can improve time efficiency and deliver the shipment on time. When truckers are on their way to deliver the shipment, they consistently need to communicate with their control center. Though it helps drivers find instant solutions for their problems, it also helps teams deliver shipments before the deadline. For instance, if a driver got a flat tire, they can instantly inform their superior of an instant solution.

2. Live Weather Update and Alternative Route

Truckers are under-risk at all times, especially when they have to travel through a region with bad weather and difficult terrain. Therefore, they need timely weather updates to have a safe trip. Also, drivers can change their course if they have information about bad weather on their route. They can anticipate the journey and decide while considering the consignment safety against potential damage such as cyclones and storms. A truck driver’s job would be more challenging without a best buy trucker headset. Furthermore, if a driver doesn’t know the alternative route to protect the fleet from dangerous weather, they can immediately talk with their control team.

3. Navigation

At times, taking eyes from the road, even for a single moment, can cause serious problems. Therefore, truckers can’t check the map on their mobile phones. But, when they are wearing a good bluetooth headset for truck drivers, they can check the GPS and find their destination through voice-based navigation. Also, they can communicate with their superiors and find the best and fastest route to reach their destination.

4. Communicate with Family Members

Truckers have a busy life as they have to travel for weeks on a long voyage. Therefore, they don’t get enough time to stop the truck and talk with their family members. With trucker headsets, however, they can instantly contact their family. When drivers talk with their loved ones, they feel motivated to complete the task and safely return home.

5. Entertainment

Since drivers don’t have any partners, they quickly get bored on a long route. They can use their mobile phone to play games, but they have to stop their truck, leaving them behind their deadline. Therefore, they use trucker headsets to entertain themselves. Listening to their favorite music, truckers can have some fun time during long trips.

6. Noise Cancellation

Since drivers travel through rough terrain where ambient noise can be overwhelming, they need noise cancellation devices for clear communication with their supervisors. Sometimes, engine noise can be disruptive as well. Therefore, when drivers wear headsets with noise cancellation features, they can concentrate on the road. Trucker headset with noise cancellation technology detects the sound source and deals with it so that it does not bother the drivers. Sometimes, engine sound can be intimidating as well.  Therefore, truck drivers should wear trucker headsets to steer clear from distractions and cancel out disruptive noises.

7. Quick Update Calls

Truckers consistently communicate with the fleet management team and ask help from professionals about various problems they are unaware of. This could include things bad roads, roadblocks, and accidents. Also, they rely on their teams during detours and breakdown requests. In such conditions, trucker headsets are a magnificent help for the team as they don’t have to pick up their phone and make a call.


What is H1 Wireless Trucker Headset?

EKSAtelecom H1 Wireless Trucker headsets include an ENC chip for noise-free communication. Furthermore, this best bluetooth headset for truck drivers eliminates up to 96% of background noise that helps them report to their managers. This Bluetooth trucker headset with a microphone connects with the phone using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, indicating that drivers can talk with their friends, family, and fleet management team within 30 meters range from the phone. Here are some features and benefits of the EKSAtelecom H1 wireless trucker.


When choosing trucker headsets, you need to ensure that it includes dedicated buttons on the headsets. The goal is to minimize phone usage while drivers are en route. Surprisingly, EKSAtelecom H1 wireless headsets enable drivers to accept and cancel calls and adjust the volume. Furthermore, it comes with a mute button with easy call controls.


Detachable ear cups and soft ear pads make EKSAtelecom H1 a comfortable option for drivers. Since drivers are traveling on long routes, they might easily get frustrated, especially when they wear a trucker wireless headset.. Furthermore, these headsets are ultra-light and weigh up to 140g. The metal steel headband is adjustable, enabling truck drivers to wear them all day long. Since EKSAtelecom manufacture their soft ear pad from faux leather, their products such as H1 headsets are more durable and comfortable.

Noise-Canceling Mic

EKSAtelecom truck driver bluetooth headset comes with advanced noise cancellation technology microphones that provide a high-quality experience. Since truck drivers are consistently on the road, they require noise cancellation headsets that eliminate ambient noises from their surroundings.

Battery life

Bluetooth headset users often complain about low battery life, which is unacceptable in the case of drivers. Since they are on a long voyage, they need headsets that offer long-lasting batteries. The best option for fast charging and long battery life headsets would be EKSAtelecom H1. This best truck driver headset contains a 500mAh rechargeable battery, which offers 165 hours of standby time, 30 hours of conversation time, and 57 hours of music time to truck drivers. Furthermore, the battery only takes 1.5 hours to charge completely.



EKSAtelecom H1 headsets have comfortable earmuffs with an ergonomic design to prevent restraints. Furthermore, a stretchable headband smoothly adjusts with the driver’s head, keeping them relaxed throughout the journey. The best trucker headset comes with ENC Technology with a noise reduction algorithm that tracks the sound source distance and eliminates unnecessary noise.



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