Work from Home - A Widespread Call Center Trend in 2022.

The Best Headsets For Working From Home

Choosing a headset is not as easy as it seems with call center workers. Call center headsets have to deliver the best of audio quality. Many USB call center headsets claim to provide high-quality audio and experience. But call center workers have to look out for specific features in headsets with mic to choose the best call center headsets.

Be it wired headsets¬†or wireless ones, the best buy call center headsets offer the best deals on comfort, reliability, noise cancellation, and budget. The best headsets for working from home¬†should improve the quality of your voice when making calls; the voices should be filtered out while masking out surrounding noise. The¬†best cheap call center headsets should be comfortable and durable, and the voice and noise-cancellation quality. Call center agents use them for long periods, so, these computer headsets¬†must be comfortable on their heads. Durability is also important; a¬†call center headset must produce top-notch audio quality over a long period ‚Äď the audio quality should last for some years.

Based on the qualities above expected from the best headsets for working from home, we introduce to you two of the best cheap call center headsets. EKSA telecom brings to you two of the best call center headsets; the EKSAtelecom H12 3.5mm wired telecom headset and the EKSAtelecom H1 Bluetooth wireless trucker headset. 

EKSAtelecom H1 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

 EKSAtelecom H1 Bluetooth Wireless Trucker Headset

As far as budget and overall audio quality are concerned, the EKSA H1 bluetooth headset is among the best Bluetooth call center headsets. This bluetooth headset is well packed with high-tech features that provide call center workers with prolonged periods of clear, noise-canceled voice. This headset with mic has an ENC Mic for clear voice, 30M Ultra-long wireless connection, dual devices connection, long-lasting battery life, and a comfortable fit.

  • Clear-voice ENC Mic. With the ENC mic, call center agents get to enjoy crystal clear phone calls even in noisy places. The ENC chip has an AI algorithm that effectively filtersup to 96% of noise.
  • 30M Ultra-Long Wireless Connection. For call centers that prioritize wireless headsetsover wired ones, this headset is among the best fits. This PC headsethas an ultra-long wireless system with built-in Qualcomm chips that can operate well within a 30m/99ft range with full functionality and clear sounds. More so, without obstacles, this best PC headset¬†can reach up to 50m/164ft.
  • Dual-device connection. This is especially important for call center agents working from home. With this USB headset with mic, you can connect your headset with two devices simultaneouslyusing the dual-paring feature.
  • Comfortable fit. This feature is a must-have forany headset that claims to be the best headset for working from home. This best budget headset is built to sit right on your head comfortably all day. It has a lightweight design of only 140g. For enhanced comfort, it has extra-large earmuffs to fit comfortably onto any ear type. Thecall center headset¬†also comes with an adjustable metal-steel headband that contributes to enhanced comfort. It also has a 270¬į flip-boom arm to adjust the placement of the headset on your head till it feels comfortable.

What is more to this headset with a noise-canceling microphone? It has a 500mAh battery that guarantees 165 hours of standby, 30 hours of calls, 57 hours of music, and a full charge in only one and a half hours. Brilliant!

EKSAtelecom H12 3.5mm Wired Telecom Headset

 EKSAtelecom H12 3.5mm Wired Telecom Headset

This is yet another top pick for the best call center headsets. It is designed for long-time comfortable conversation, making it an ideal fit for call center workers. You do not have to worry about the compatibility and durability of this best-wired headset, it gives you the best possible performance.

  • Ultra-Clear Conversation. This wired headset has an adjustable Omni-directional microphone that can be twisted discretionary to pick up natural voices while filtering surrounding noise. It also has custom-tuned 40mm speaker drivers to enhanced itch-free calls.
  • Lightweight and Durable. The H12 wired headsethas a 149g weight to make for an ultralight build which makes it comfortable to wear for long. It is equally durable for everyday use.
  • Wide Compatibility. Many a time, ¬†call center agents and headset users alike complain of the compatibility of their headsets. With the EKSA H12 product, worry no more. This headset is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows 2000/7/8/10/XP/Vista, smartphones, desktop computers, tablets and loads, PCs, and so on. All you have to do is plug the headphone jackand play with a 3.5mm plug connect,that¬†includes a dual 3.5mm Y-adapter.
  • Ergonomic Comfort and Convenience. When it comes to top-notch comfort and convenience of use, the H12 product is very excellent. Thecall center telephone headsetprioritizes comfort in every possible detail. The product comes with soft protein memory foam earmuffs, an adjustable padded headband and the 1.8 ultra-long cord to along long back stretches in between work. What is more? This call center headset has a 360¬į rotatable mic boom to adjust the headset in every direction till you get a perfect fit for your head.¬†

You wonder how you get so much value for less! Many feel that they have to pay exorbitant prices to get the best of headsets, more so, call center headsets. The EKSA wireless headset goes for $40.99, while the EKSA H12 wired headset goes for $22.99. You would hardly find such a deal for a high-quality call center headset.


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