What Makes the H1, H12 and H12E Headsets a Perfect Fit as Call Center Headsets?

Choosing the headphones that will be used in call centers is important. Employees are required to wear them for extended periods, day after day, to answer calls. Furthermore, a noise cancellation headset is essential since many people work in the same space.

What one call center agent likes may not be suited for another. Each call center employee has a degree of comfort and needs to be effective in their jobs. To be effective, the best call center headsets must meet all of the following criteria: comfortable padding, red functionality, and wireless headset connection. 

Why Having the Right Headsets Is Important For Call CentersÔľü

The finest call center headset for your employees may make a significant difference in their ability to perform and achieve higher productivity levels. We all know that call centers can be famously noisy, making it difficult to communicate effectively over the phone. This necessitates having a noise-canceling headset for the call center a top priority.

When interacting with clients or customers, keep in mind that even if just a few individuals are in a room, people talking over one another is likely a severe distraction. As a result, if your contact center workers are distracted by uncomfortable or bulky headsets or unable to listen or speak well during conversations, their productivity and efficiency will be negatively impacted.

EKSAtelecom has become a dominating force in the electronic field and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to headphones.

Comparatively, call center headsets that provide outstanding sound and microphone clarity while also fitting well may make multitasking much more doable while on the phone conversation. Customers will be happier since they will get prompt responses to their concerns and queries. 

What makes the headset perfect for call centers use?

One of the most important responsibilities of a call center employee is to make and respond to as many calls as possible. While doing so, they must also assist clients with various concerns that have been raised in the past and find answers to them. Quality hardware is thus essential for call centers to retain their reputation and provide total client satisfaction.

Choosing the best buy headsets for call center operators may be tough, especially when there are so many alternatives to select from. The features to look out for in picking the best call center headset are discussed below. 

Noise Cancelation

Noise-canceling headset for call centers is the best headset for call centers. Its unique feature of blocking out any outside noise and preventing your interaction with consumers from interrupting makes it the best headset for the call center. These headsets will allow you to listen to your customers at modest noise levels on average, which may help to maintain your hearing in the long run if used properly. Isn't it wonderful?

The best noise-canceling headphones for your workplace not only passively block noises by creating an effective physical barrier, as you would get with either all in-ear or all over-ear headphones, but they also actively block sounds by reducing background noise. They use technology to provide an additional layer of ANC (active noise cancellation), which is especially useful in call centers and other environments with persistent noise at low frequencies. 


Call center workers work long hours, and the headset is one of the most crucial instruments in their armory. Therefore, a hefty or clunky headset is the last thing your staff needs while on a call with a customer. The H1, H12 and H12E headsets all come with natural leatherette ear cushions and soft extra-comfortable earmuffs; it is an ultra-lightweight headset that can withstand extended periods of use without being a burden to the neck muscles. The cushioned headband can be adjusted to fit any head size, making it the best buy headset for call centers.


Because headsets are critical to your call center's smooth and flawless functioning, durability and quality are important elements that you must not neglect when purchasing headsets.

Keep in mind that headsets prone to breaking may impair call center productivity while increasing call center agents' dissatisfaction and customer displeasure. This is why you should seek dependable headsets constructed of high-grade materials.

The H1, H12 and H12E headsets are of high quality and last longer than their competitors, making them the best budget headset. Due to our faith in its durability and ease of maintenance, you enjoy a two-year warranty on these H1, H12 and H12E headsets.

Multiple functions

In addition to offering a method of communication, the H1, H12 and H12E headsets can also be used as a pc headset, phone headset. It is rated as the best pc headset. 

This headset also has the unique feature of a microphone, making it the best headset with a mic; this makes it perfect for communication as the mic is adjustable to pick up speech at a different angle while also reducing the background noise. This microphone is easily maneuverable, allowing users to customize it to their preferences, putting it as one of the best headsets with a mic.

NO restriction of cable and distance

The H1 wireless Bluetooth headset has overcome the burden of using a wired headset which includes the distance at which it can be used. Since it uses Bluetooth, it overcomes this problem. The range of Bluetooth can reach up to 50 meters, making it the best Bluetooth headset for a call center.


Are you seeking cheap headsets that provide the highest audio quality possible? The H1, H12 and H12E headsets are the most appropriate choice for you at all times. This H1 Bluetooth headset, the H12 and H12E wired headset, are available for purchase at a low cost without sacrificing the level of quality.

These cheap headsets also happen to be the best wireless headset with a mic in the case of the H1 headset and the best-wired headsets as in H12 and H12E headsets.

Works on plugin and play

The H1, H12 and H12E headsets are user-friendly. It is not complex to use and does not involve the installation of drivers before it can be used, simple plugin of the USB mouth or jack mouth to your pc or your phone and your headset is ready to go, or by simply connecting the Bluetooth, this plugin or connect and play feature makes it the best Bluetooth headset for phone calls and an essential call center headsets.

Wide range of compatibility

H1, H12 and H12E headsets have extensive application. The H1headset utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which provides a long-range connection of up to around 50 meters. This also allows it to be connected to a wide variety of devices, including iPhones, pads, androids and computer headset, making it is the pc headset with a mic, Bluetooth headset with mic that can be connected with any device with possessing Bluetooth. H12 and H12E headsets are wired and are fitted with long cables that can span a vast range of distances. The connector is diverse, having a jack mouth and a USB mouth; both are USB headsets with a mic and the best-wired headset in the market.

Design and Style

Surely, headsets that are simple to set up and use are preferable. You have the option of using a behind-the-ear or an over-the-ear headset. Single-earpiece and two-earpiece configurations are also available; however, most call centers prefer a dual earpiece configuration, increasing audio quality. 

H1, H12 and H12E headsets design make them suitable for individuals of all ages, genders, and fashion preferences, a feature that makes it the best buy headset.


This is yet another important factor to consider. A well-designed and durable headset should be equipped with the most up-to-date audio technologies. The headset should also include innovative elements that make it easy to set up, use, and update. The H1, H12 and H12E headsets are equipped with the latest technology ranging from connectivity to noise-canceling. Indeed it is the best noise-canceling headset.

The bulk of call centers makes use of two-earpiece headsets. As a result, the employee and the caller will benefit from the highest possible audio quality. The H1, H12 and H12E headsets offer a broad range of styles and patterns of good headsets to pick from.


The H1, H12 and H12E headsets are designed to operate flawlessly with all Bluetooth-enabled devices and all devices with either a USB or jack enabled mouth making them the best USB call center headset.These headsets remain the best buy for call centers because of their numerous features, as listed above. Being equipped with a mic eliminates the need to purchase a separate headset microphone, making it the best budget, best buy, and a good headset for call centers.

No need for hesitation, get the H1, H12 and H12E headsets and enjoy the limitless possibilities.


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