Beginners Guide to Choose Bluetooth Call Center Headset

What is the Best Bluetooth Headset for Call Center

Call centers are a great example to understand why quality pc headset with mic are important. If you run a call center business, you will agree how important it is to improve the quality of service and the right way to do so is by picking the right pair of headsets for the agents. In call centers, employers work on improving the communication between their agents and customers. Choosing poor quality headsets only leads to discomfort and negatively influences business reputation.

Imagine if your employees have poor quality chairs to sit on for eight hours a day, throughout the month. They will at some point develop back problems. As a result, it will reflect on the company’s productivity. Similarly, having low-quality headsets in the business reduces productivity, as employees won’t be able to satisfy the customers due to background noise.

Why Call Centers Should Choose the Right Headsets

Call centers connect with customers through call sessions. However, distortive lines reduce productivity and effectiveness, reflecting business progress. Call centers are notoriously loud which results in disruptive communication with the clients. Therefore, you need the latest technology best buy headset to eliminate background noise and offer clients a noise-free experience.

Keep in mind that the only communication you have with your clients is through calls. Whenever your customers communicate with you through a call, they will make a perception about your business. If they are unable to understand your agents due to background noise, they won’t consider you as a legit business. You must show your potential customer that you are serious about doing business with them by offering clear communication. And how you can achieve clear communication with the customers? –You guessed it right- by choosing high-quality computer headset such as the EKSA H1 Bluetooth headset.

Your employees should have best call center headset with a microphone, Bluetooth and excellent sound. Furthermore, they should comfortably fit allowing employees to multitask. As a result, you can satisfy your customers and respond to their queries without delay.

What Features EKSA H1 Bluetooth Headset Offers and Why Do Call Centers Need Them?

Here are some features EKSA H1 Bluetooth headset offers which makes them suitable for call centers:

1. Noise Cancellation

Noise cancelling headset for call center offers a clear and smooth calling experience to their customers. The noise-canceling feature removes background noise enabling only the agent’s voice through the system. The output after processing only includes the major sound source and eliminates ambient noise from the background. This happens because noise-canceling microphones contain an algorithm that detects the location of the main sound source and only processes that sound as output. That way your customers will receive uninterrupted sound.

When your agents use high-quality wireless headsets with noise cancellation features such as the EKSA H1 Bluetooth headset, they don’t have to increase volume to understand the client. Instead, they can lower the volume, preserving their hearing.

Active noise-canceling or ANC is the latest technology that works as an additional layer to remove background noise. These headsets don’t block the sounds like over-ear or in-ear headphones but focus on the major sound source defined by the algorithm.

EKSA H1 Bluetooth headsets are the perfect choice for call centers. This wireless headset with mic feature active noise cancellation that detects agents’ voices. Furthermore, Bluetooth connection gives your agent the freedom to stand and walk while talking with the customers. The good news is that the movement of your agent doesn’t interrupt the connection, improving communication clarity. Moreover, you can easily integrate this noise cancelling headset with a computer using a Bluetooth connection.

2. Comfort

Call agents won’t be able to work for a long time if they have uncomfortable headsets. Most manufacturing companies design bulky and heavier headsets. Imagine how hard it would be for your employees to carry heavy headsets throughout the day. Best bluetooth headset for phone calls is lightweight with comfortable cushions. Soft ear pads make these headsets durable and comfortable. Furthermore, integrated buttons on the earmuffs make it easier for agents with volume control and mute switch.

3. Reliability

While choosing best call center headset, comfort is not the only thing you should look for. You must invest in reliability as well. Reliability means how the headsets influence your budget. For instance, if you purchase headsets with great comfort but they wear out within a year, they are not reliable. Headsets with detachable ear muffs increase longevity as they are easy to replace. EKSA H1 Bluetooth headsets are reliable because you can replace ear muffs as well as microphones, saving a tremendous amount on the budget.

4. Durability

Call center headsets should be durable and have a robust built quality. Headsets that break easily increase frustration, reduce call agents’ efficiency, and cause delays in operations. You need durable headsets with top-quality materials such as EKSA H1 Bluetooth headsets. EKSA manufactures headsets with durable material and they mainly create gaming headsets. Professional gamers can’t compromise on built quality because they have to spend hours wearing them. EKSA H1 call center headsets are also manufactured with high-quality material.

5. Design and Technology

Call center pc headset with mic should be robust and well-designed. Furthermore, they should contain the latest sound technology. Furthermore, call center headsets should include innovative features and sleek design. Also, these headsets should be simple to use, set up, and upgrade. EKSA H1 headsets are specifically designed to offer the best quality audio so you can focus to scale the business. These headsets offer the ideal experience to the caller and the employee.


Noise cancellation features, reliability, and comfort are some factors you should consider while choosing high-quality headsets. EKSA produces one of the most comfortable headsets for specific tasks. For instance, they manufacture headsets for gamers, truck drivers, and even call centers. Therefore, choosing EKSA H1 headset with mic would be the best decision you will ever make to boost productivity in your business.


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