The Best Buy Trucker Headset in 2021

Truck drivers cannot remove their hands from the steering wheels to receive calls and communicate with their fleet manager. They have to stop their vehicle to use their phone. That way, they are not able to reach sat the destination in time. Using a cell phone while driving can result in critical consequences such as accidents. Therefore, authorities bound truck drivers to keep at least one hand on steering wheels.

The best way truck drivers can communicate with their fleet manager and attend important calls without violating traffic law is by using a trucker headset. If you are a truck driver looking for a trucker headset, choosing the best option would be difficult for you. To keep things simple, you should choose EKSA H1 trucker Bluetooth headset. This headset gives truck drivers complete freedom to connect with their team for better route guidance and instructions. So without further ado, let’s understand how the EKSA H1 Bluetooth headset is perfect for truck drivers.

How EKSA H1 Bluetooth Headset is Perfect for Truck Drivers on Long Route?

EKSAtelecom H1 Bluetooth Wireless Trucker Headset

EKSA H1 headset has one earbud for a comfortable ride without violation. Those ways fleet drivers can connect with the fleet team without getting distracted. The wireless feature gives drivers a convenient ride by eliminating the restrictions of cable and distance. The best Bluetooth headset for truckers enables truck drivers to connect their phones using Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Furthermore, the headset has an advanced noise-canceling feature that eliminates background noise. Latest ENC technology filters 96% of the background noise, offering clear voice recording. Even when drivers are driving in a noisy environment they can still talk with their fleet crew, managers, and home.

Besides Bluetooth connectivity, the EKSA H1 Bluetooth headset has an ergonomic design and adjustable headbands for a comfortable ride. Fleet drivers are on the road for hours and even days. Therefore, they cannot risk their comfort. Let’s take a review of each H1 trucker headset feature and how it helps drivers on a long route:

1. Headset for Left or Right Ear

EKSA H1 headset with mic has one speaker cup to keep you connected with the road as well as the team. However, it depends on whether you prefer a right or left ear headset. With a one-sided headset, you can get aware of your surrounding environment and stay attentive towards the road. Some drivers use headsets for both ears. They can easily disconnect with the road leading to critical situations such as accidents. Manufacturers at EKSA care about your safety. Therefore, they offer one-sided headsets to keep you connected with your team and the road, preventing mishaps.

2. Easy to Use

EKSA H1 Headset is a reliable Bluetooth headset specially designed for truck drivers. The headset is becoming popular since it is easy to connect. All you need to do is turn on the headsets and Bluetooth from your device. If this is the first time you are connecting with this device you should pair both devices, which is not a big deal. However, if you have already paired the device before, it will automatically connect with the headset. As a result, you save plenty of your time.

3. Dual Devices Connection

The truck driver often gets confused when they receive a call from their fleet crew while they are talking with their family. Therefore, they require a headset that connects multiple devices at a time. EKSA H1 trucker headset connects with two devices at a time. Using this headset you can keep separate personal and business devices.

4. Noise Cancelling Microphone

EKSA H1 is a mono-on-ear wireless headset with a detachable microphone. Furthermore, the headset is 270° rotatable, which makes it convenient for truck drivers. The recording quality of this headset is incredible. If you purchase this headset, you can have uninterrupted communication with your team even in a noisy environment. The headset contains an ENC device that eliminates 96% of background noise. ENC chip makes this headset a high-technology device. Using this headset you can communicate with your team without disruption.

5. Long-Battery Life

When you are on a long route, you cannot repeatedly charge the headset. Therefore, choosing the best trucker headset with long battery life is highly important. EKSA H1 Bluetooth headset offers a long-lasting battery so you don’t have to charge them again and again. The headset allows 30 hours of conversation time, 57 hours of music time, and 165 hours of standby time. Furthermore, it takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge. Battery status will display on your mobile phone.

6. Comfortable and Ultra Light

Truck drivers travel long distances without taking enough stops. They have to deliver the fleet before time. Also, connecting with their manager and team for road updates and instructions is important. Manufacturing teams at EKSA ensure that truck drivers have a comfortable ride to their destination while staying in touch with their team. Wearing bulky headsets for hours can cause neck and back issues. Furthermore, there comes a time when they get frustrated with the truck driver headset. EKSA headset is lightweight and well-built to offer comfort for hours.

EKSA H1 Headset – Perfect Trucker Headset

EKSAtelecom H1 Bluetooth Wireless Trucker Headset

EKSA H1 trucker Bluetooth headset is the recommended choice for drivers as it offers durability and easy connection. Furthermore, soft cushions and adjustable headband gives comfort so drivers can focus on their journey without stressing. You can easily connect this headset with your mobile through a Bluetooth device. The headset is highly functional and lightweight, reducing stress on the neck and back. Bulky headsets cause pain in the neck, especially when you are on a long route.

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