EKSAtelecom H1 Bluetooth Headset - The Best Headset for Warehouse

EKSAtelecom is doing its best to provide user-friendly and comfortable products to its users in this competitive world. EKSAtelecom offers the best call center headsets that you can find easily in the market at an affordable rate. To keep up with the fast technology world, EKSAtelecom keeps updating its products from time to time. Here is an example of what modern technology it uses in its products. It offers active and environmental noise cancellation technology in some of its good headsets.

EKSAtelecom H1 Bluetooth Wireless Trucker Headset

The ANC, active noise-cancellation, is the technology that can block the noise in your background. It sounds simple, but it is one of the complex technologies that can block noise up to 90% and above level. The ANC headphones have the power to catch voices and deliver them steadily, making you experience one-on-one conversation without being physically present in front of your caller.

The ENC, environmental noise cancellation, is also a noise-canceling technology, but it is not as strong as ANC. For sure, ENC delivers an impressive sound quality by blocking unwanted noises. H1 Bluetooth headset by EKSAtelecom is an example of ENC technology. We will discuss in detail about H1 trucker's best Bluetooth headset and its pros and cons in detail.

Except for ANC and ENC, various other cheap headsets are available at EKSAtelecom. The best thing about the Bluetooth headset with mic is that it is user-friendly for people of all ages. From school students to professional gamers and even frequent travelers, their headphones are comfortable to use in any situation. You can also use wireless headsets, USB headsets, blue-tooth headsets, wired headsets. All these types are available for you to choose from as per likings and comfort. The types, technology, and even headphone designs are so outstanding that it makes you want to buy them immediately.

The trucker Bluetooth headset works the best for gamers. The gamers usually have a big gaming setup, so they would appreciate it if their gaming equipment took less space than usual. The noise cancelling headset for call center interrupts your work. With bluetooth headsets available, who would want wired headsets anymore?

The best buy headset give gamers an advantage to efficiently carry out their mission in games without being interrupted by headphone wires. Some of these headphones also come with built-in microphones, and they are such good quality microphones that they can efficiently deliver your voice to the person on screen. EKSAtelecom installs the best quality noise-canceling mic, so you do not have to talk loudly or stress over miscommunications due to voice distortions.

Now that we have learned about EKSAtelecom and the type of high-quality headphones that it is selling, we present you with one of its best environmental noise-canceling headphones, the H1 trucker computer headset.

EKSAtelecom H1 Bluetooth Headset

Unlike other dual-ear headsets, the EKSAtelecom H1 the best headset with mic has a unique and creative design for this phone headset which is a single-ear headset. It has an ergonomic design, soft earmuffs, and a head beam. The single-ear headset gives off unique and beautiful vibes. They are also lightweight, making you quickly put them on and off. The other benefit of its lightweight is that it doesn't hurt your ears or head. The heavy headsets can give you a headache if you have to put them on for many hours in a day.

As stated by EKSAtelecom's social media pages, their headset is an ENC headset, perfect for call center employees and Amazon warehouse job employees to focus on their customers' calls better even if there is noise in their office. This wireless headset also has an impressive blue-tooth 5.0 technology that can spread its signals to up to 50 meters. It guarantees a 30 hours function time with long-lasting battery life, and it takes only about 1.5 hours to recharge. You can save a lot of your time because of this feature.

The EKSAtelecom best wireless headset comes with a microphone, which is adjustable, and you can rotate it to about 270 degrees. The mic is pretty flexible, so you can adjust it in the angle from where you can deliver your voice smoothly and loudly to the other person on call. This wireless head with a micset saves your time and the space around you. The wired products can usually take up a lot of space and eventually get tangled, which becomes a mess, and in this busy life, we don't want to waste time on de-tangling things.

One more unique feature of this head is its detachable earmuff. EKSAtelecom has designed it as user-friendly as it can get. You can also connect it with your cell phone. This Bluetooth phone headset is easy to carry as well due to its lightweight. You can use it with your cell phone the best when traveling as it gives you access to be connected quickly and instantly dial a person.

  • It offers a 99.6% noise-canceling rate
  • It has super-fast charging
  • Light in weight
  • The noise-canceling feature shows some issues after some weeks of use, as reported by some users.

Final Words

The H1 trucker noise cancelling headset has everything you may need while staying on a low budget. It can be a good computer headset and a best call center headset. It provides you with multi-purpose features that you can enjoy while being on call with someone or simply when you are listening to music. It is easy to function and easy to connect as well. This best Bluetooth headset for phone calls is made of environmental noise-canceling technology, which means it will block all the unnecessary noises in your background to let you enjoy your time with this best buy headset.

It is suitable for either of your ears, and it just depends on which side you like it better and are comfortable to use. We stated all the mandatory information regarding this best headset with mic and highly recommended you to give this headset a chance without any doubt.


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