Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Call Center Headsets of 2022

The environment at call centers is extremely loud. Every agent on the floor consistently talks on the phone with other agents or customers. That said, call centers try to minimize the noise on the floor. They understand that noise factors disrupt the customer experience. Furthermore, background noise reduces the concentration and productivity of employees.

Call centers adopt various changes to deal with a noisy background. They install a white noise generator, increase space between employees, or include sound-absorbing materials on walls, floors, or desks. But, these are not practical solutions. Furthermore, installing these devices and materials requires a significant budget, which most call centers cannot afford.

An optimal and budget-friendly solution to reduce background noise while call agents communicate with clients is installing quality headsets in the workplace. Choosing the best call center headset to deliver high-level customer service, you need to consider numerous factors.

In this post, you will find the buying guide for call center headsets and some ideal options.

How to Choose Headsets for Call Center?

While purchasing a noise cancelling headset for the call center, the first thing you need to consider is your agent’s preferences. Furthermore, choose an option that offers noise cancelling features, durability, and build quality. Let’s understand what a quality USB call center headset includes:

1. Design

When it comes to design you don’t have to only consider the looks and feels. A well-designed headset for the call center is easy to set up, upgrade, and use. It includes innovative features and audio technology. The design also includes comfort and looks. Keep in mind that call agents will wear these headsets for extended hours depending on their shifts. They should have a comfortable headset that prevents stress and pain on the head.

There is a wide range of headsets available in the market. Some contain single earpieces while others include dual earpieces with a headband. Both single and dual earpieces ensure maximum audio quality. Furthermore, you should also consider the built material and quality. If a headset with a mic contains low-quality material, it won’t last long.

2. Durability

Quality and durable headsets are highly important if you want to boost productivity and focus on business growth. Headsets with low durability increase frustration between agents and reduce efficiency. Furthermore, when headsets break easily, it easily increases your equipment expense. Therefore, you should opt for headsets with the high build quality. Also, purchase the headsets if you receive a warranty from the brand.

3. Comfort

Another feature to consider while purchasing a noise cancelling headset is durability. Agents at the call center work for extended hours. They attend multiple calls throughout the day. Wearing uncomfortable headsets they will easily get tired and develop muscle fatigue.

If you want your call agents to stay active and energetic throughout the day, you should purchase a comfortable computer headset. Ergonomic and lightweight headsets prevent stress and pain in the head. Also, soft earmuffs reduce stress in the ears.

On the other hand, if you will purchase a heavy clumsy headset, your agents will develop pain in the ear, head, and even in the back. Strong clamp force can make your agents exhausted. Excessive tension on the head causes extreme discomfort. As a result, employees will lose their interest and energy to work.

4. Noise Cancellation

Many call centers located in an open environment are noisy and crowded. Furthermore, call agents are naturally loud while talking with the client on the phone. They have to sound energetic and active so customers take them seriously.

Background noise distracts employees, lengthen call times, and annoy customers. As a result, you might lose some potential sales. The notable solution is this condition is purchasing noise-cancelling cheap headsets. Noise-cancelling best headset with mic filters background noise and block high frequency. That way, employees can effectively convey a message to the customers and boost sales. Noise-cancelling headsets prevent ears from damages and improve productivity in the work environment.

Top Headsets for Call Center

If you want to achieve the highest productivity levels you need to choose comfort, noise reduction, and reliability. Uncomfortable headsets negatively influence call agents’ productivity and reduce frustration. Therefore, call centers need to choose high-quality USB headsets with mics for their agents.

Since there is a wide range of wireless headsets available in the market, choosing an effective option would be an easy task. You cannot try and test every headset and choose product options. Here is our best pick for high-quality headsets. So, you don’t have to browse through a plethora of options. Simply choose the one that suits your preferences and boost workplace productivity.

1. EKSAtelecom H1 Wireless Headset

 EKSATelecom H1 Bluetooth Wireless Trucker Headset

EKSAtelecom H1 is a powerful headset and includes a myriad of features to improve productivity in the workplace. This best wireless headset is perfect for call centers as it contains Environmental Noise Cancelling Microphone. These microphones contain ENC technology that filters 99.6% of background noise.

Resulting in that call agents can communicate with clarity. With the ENC algorithm, customers will receive crystal clear sound. When customers understand the product features, instructions, or offer that you want to convey, they can make better buying decisions.

Furthermore, multifunctional buttons enable agents to control volume and mute calls. When managers instruct agents about a certain offer or feature, agents have to mute their customers. Using this best buy headset they don’t have to use their device or computer each time they want to mute. Simply, they can reach their hand to the earpiece and press the mute button.

Since EKSAtelecom H1 is a wireless headset, employees are not bound to stick to a location. They can freely move while talking to their customers. Moreover, 270O rotatable headset microphone, adjustable headband, and anti-slip pad give extra comfort to employees so they can work for extended hours. Some other effective features of the EKSAtelecom H1 wireless headset includes:

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Dual devices connection
  • 30M ultra-long wireless connection
2. EKSAtelecom H12 Wired Headset
 EKSAtelecom H12E Wired Headset

EKSAtelecom H12 headset is comfortable and contains both earpieces. The headband of this wired headset is highly flexible. This means that it adjusts when the agent moves. Furthermore, the ultra-soft ear cushion and breathable earmuff give extra comfort to the ears. The ultra-light weight of this best budget headset will reduce stress on the head and ear. Clear sounding stereo speakers reduces pressure in the ear as well. So, your agents can enjoy a smooth calling experience.

The headset contains ENC technology that filters 60% of the background noise. This makes this best Bluetooth headset ideal for communication with clients in a noisy room. The noise reduction sound card works with an algorithm that identifies the agents’ location and eliminates ambience noise from the background. This means the output only contains agents’ voices.

These call center headsets reduce low latency. The super long and durable cable gives agents the freedom to stretch and even stand up. Many agents in the call center stand up for a while to relax their body muscles. The long wire allows them to stand while they talk with their clients. Here are some features of the EKSAtelecom H12 Wired Headset:

  • Super long cable
  • Super-lightweight headset
  • Flexible mic boom
  • ENC technology
  • Extra durable design
3. EKSAtelecom H12E Wired Headset

 EKSAtelecom H12 3.5mm Wired Telecom Headset

These plug and play headsets are fun to use and are compatible with any device with a USB port. The excellent noise cancellation technology makes this wireless headset with a mic suitable for call centers and other professions with a noisy background. The headset reduces up to 96% of background noise.

The special quality of the EKSAtelecom H12E headset is dual mics. The ENC chipset and dual microphone cancel extra noise from the background. The calling mic collects both background noise and speaking signal and the noise recognition mic recognizes ambient noise and brings clarity.

Excellent durability and lightweight experience provide comfort and convenience. As a result, call agents can work for extended hours with muscle fatigue and stress. Full-padded earmuffs offer comfort to the ears while an adjustable headband adjusts with your agent’s head size. Some features of EKSAtelecom H12E best Bluetooth headset for phone calls include:

  • ENC technology
  • Super-lightweight design
  • Clear stereo sound
  • Comfort and durability
  • Flexible mic boom


Hopefully, now you can choose the best headset with a mic and improve work productivity. These options streamline clear sound with environmental noise cancelling technology. The feature eliminates background noise on the floor and transfers clear sound to the customers. So, they can understand your calling agents.

On top of that, these good headsets offer extreme comfort to call agents. As a result, employees can work throughout the day without pain and stress. This Bluetooth headset with a mic contains an adjustable headband, leatherette headband, and soft protein earmuffs. Furthermore, they can adjust the flexible mic boom according to their comfort.


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