The Best Wired Headset for Call Center - H12

EKSAtelecom is doing its best to provide user-friendly and comfortable products to its users in this competitive world. EKSAtelecom offers the best headsets that you can find easily in the market at an affordable rate. The best headset for a call center, H12, is a perfect match for call center employees.

To keep up with the fast technology world, EKSAtelecom keeps updating its products from time to time. Here is an example of what modern technology it uses in its products. It offers active and environmental noise cancellation technology in some of its headsets.

You can find EKSAtelecom's multi-featured headsets in the market. There are wired headsets and wireless ones, which are operated through blue-tooth. These headsets are designed explicitly with a noise-canceling feature to make you do your job in peace.

The main benefit for call centers being operated 24 hours every day is to provide their customers the service anytime they need. This also helps the companies to help out their foreign customers. The customers who live in a different time zone will probably find it helpful to reach out to the call centers at any time of the day.

Companies do not demand highly qualified employees for this job. But mostly, employees who are fluent in English are required in these jobs to interact with foreign employees better.

Call centers are a way for the customer and company connection; the employees are treated with respect since they work for the company's exposure.

Call centers are operated 24 hours, and you can see a diverse environment in these centers. From students to retired people, call centers have a place for all. It is a perfect job for students to earn money while managing their studies.

Every call center employee is trained to give their best to the customers. Since those employees provide the best customer service, they need the best call center headsets that can help them communicate with customers better. Following is the information for the best headset for call center employees.

EKSAtelecom H12 Wired Headset:

The EKSAtelecom H12 wired headset has got some fantastic features for its users. This headset has a dual-ear design, unlike the EKSAtelecom H1’s single-ear headset.

The EKSAtelecom H12 is a wired headset with a 1.8 meters cable length; it is a perfect cable length that you can use in your office, home, etc.

It also comes with an Omni-directional microphone which can be twisted. It can filter the noise in the background, and your caller can listen to your voice. In this way, you can perform your customer service job better.

This headset with a mic is not just light in weight, but it also has comfortable and soft paddings, which can make your long-hour shift at work go smoothly without getting a headache.

The headband can also be adjusted according to the users' needs and make you deliver your service smoothly.

This computer headset is meant to provide you comfort during your work in every way possible. It has a 1.8 ultra-long cord which will let you stretch and take a break from your work.

The wire has a 3.5mm jack, a standard size, and it can be connected to many smartphones. The H12 makes a great pc headset as it has all the features necessary for a computer headset.

The H12 wired headset is specifically designed for delivering smooth conversation, thanks to its mic, which can deliver voice without any distortion to the person on the other side of the phone.

The wire is designed to be compatible with many devices, including Mac OS X, Windows 2000/7/8/10/XP/Vista, Tablet PC, Smartphone, desktop computer, MP, etc. These are the devices that usually many people have, and you can easily connect your headphone to them.

This cheap headset is user-friendly and can easily be found in the market.

  • The noise-canceling feature works smoothly.
  • It has excellent volume control.
  • It can also connect to your smartphone.
  • The mic does not rotate.

Final Words:

The call center employees work hard to provide the best customer service. They cannot do their duty if they are not provided with the necessary equipment for the job. They need to be provided with the best call center headset to clearly understand the callers' queries and help them with their problems. Without a good headset, they can't deliver their best in their job and satisfy the callers.

In the call center, hundreds of other employees pick up the calls of several curious callers who want to get their queries cleared. If they were using hands-free for calls or just calling with cell phones, this would make them have a tough time understanding what the caller is saying or making their caller understand their answer in difficulty.

That is why EKSAtelecom offers blue-tooth headsets, wired headsets, and wireless headsets. The H12 is the wired one, and it has all the necessary features required for a call center employee to satisfy the customers. You can trust EKSAtelecom with its product and buy the best call center headset: H12 for your employees. Last, but not the least, the H12 is a cheap headset, so you can also buy it in bulk for your employees.



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