Call Center Headsets

Elevate your call center experience with EKSAtelecom's top-notch headsets, designed for comfort, crystal-clear communication, and enhanced productivity.
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H2 office headset with mic

EKSAtelecom® H2 Professional USB Office Headset

Simple and Flexible Connectivity Comes with a USB plug-and-play function, widely compatible with all devices with USB audio output, such as computers or laptops. EKSAtelecom VoicePure ENC The ENC chip...
EKSA H12 3.5mm Wired Telecom Headset

EKSAtelecom® H12 3.5mm Wired Telecom Headset

Designed for Conversation The adjustable Omni-directional microphone can be twisted discretionarily to pick up your natural voice with the background noise filtered, plus the custom-tuned 40mm speaker drivers, H12 is designed...
EKSAtelecom H12E Environmental Noise Cancelling Headset

EKSAtelecom® H12E Environmental Noise Cancelling Headset

Designed for Conversation With a built-in high-quality noise reduction chipset, it reduces background noises for enhanced sound quality and picks up your voice clearly and loudly. Crystal Clear Sound Quality...